New England Forest Rally 2017 – It’s Almost Time

Every year, a number of eEuroparts sponsored teams take a few days off, pack up their tires and fire suits, and head up to Sunday River Resort in Newry, ME to throw the dice at the New England Forest Rally 2017.  Being an extremely tight knit community both online and from other related events, the teams have already scoped each other out long before they arrive in front of the Ski Resort lodge with their machines, prepped for battle.  Previous NEFR‘s have had their share of drama.  With crashed cars, points upsets, and even a car hauler fire, you never know what is going to happen.  One thing we do know for sure is that many of our pals are preparing to catapult through the rocky forest stages this weekend July 21 and 22.

The following teams will be coming back again:

Downey Dirty Racing #142:

With Dan Downey behind the wheel, and Co-pilot Kevin Brolin on notes, the team has high hopes for NEFR2017 competing in Open 2wd. Last year their pickup truck burned to the ground with much of their support gear before the rally even started, but they finished strong despite that and a minor crash (seen in the video above).  The Snijers inspired BMW 325i E30 is always a crowd pleaser, and when they find their groove they are fast enough for wins and podiums.  Check out their Facebook page for updates throughout the weekend, and on Instagram @downeydirtyracing.

Downey Dirty Racing BMW E30 Registered For New England Forest Rally 2017

Banchwerks #786:

The reigning contender on insanity, Jesse Whitsell and Mackenzie Cucino will be the ones to watch in their white Banchwerks MK3 VW Golf.  Equipped with the ABA 2.slow engine, this car is anything but.  By never lifting off the throttle and utilizing kahones of steel, Jesse Whitsell has a habit of beating everyone in his class, then accidentally beating everyone else up to and including purpose built AWD factory race cars.  In a MK3 Golf.  Often a victim of bad luck, he will be in it to win it if things work out.  Last year he was delayed by a few issues, including a rock shattering his driver window all over him, and a broken spine from a motorcycle accident the year before forced a stand in driver.  Since these guys generally forgo all in favor of pure rally concentration, follow along with their antics on Instagram with the hashtags #banchwerks and #flyingburritoboys

Banchwerks VW Golf ready to drive at the new england forest rally 2017

The Beliveau Boys #91:

The second MK3 Golf in the bunch, the yellow BBR Volkswagen will be adding the New England Forest Rally 2017 to a very long list of completed stage rallys, rally sprints, and rallycrosses.  Nearly ubiquitous in the rally community, BBR has become a mainstay contender.  With only occasional mechanical issues, expect the Beliveau Boys to be solid contenders for class wins and likely for a final podium in 2wd open.  With Scott Beliveau moving out of the co-pilot seat to replace his son behind the wheel, the new pairing with Scott Carlson on notes should be one to keep an eye on! Use #BeliveauBoysRacing to cheer them on.

Beliveau Boys Racing BBR set to compete in the new england forest rally 2017

Slapdash Racing (number not yet assigned):

The second Open 2wd classed E30 in the group, Slapdash is also an experienced team with a habit of getting fast and loose.  With Kris Gove behind the wheel and Bill Doyle in the silly seat, this team has always impressed with ingenuity and the ability to finish against all odds.  One particular instance comes to mind, where the throttle linkage broke, forcing Gove to apply throttle with his left hand out the window, through a series of interconnected zip ties.  You can read more about that story HERE.  These guys mean business and will be battling for stage wins up to the very end.

Slapdash Racing BMW E30 NEFR registered for New England Forest Rally 2017

German Performance Service #74:

With one of the most beautiful cars in the field (as far as we’re concerned anyway), The Porsche 911 of Ramana Lagemann and Christine Beavis couldn’t be in better hands.  With heaps of pro driving experience, Lagemann and Beavis have both driven for multiple factory teams in their day.  Competing for a National 2wd Open win, the German Performance Service 911 is always a great show at the New England Performance Rally.  Watch out for the GPS team on their instagram @german_performance as they attack far more modern machinery on the national stage.

German Performance Service Porsche 911

Apogee Motorsport (number not yet assigned):

Even though their car is short, their enthusiasm goes on for ages.  Despite a blown engine at their last event, they were still excited enough to show up and display their rally BMW 318ti at eEuroFest, and we think that’s really cool.  Coming off a massive post rally high (literally) after the nearby Mount Washington ‘Climb To The Clouds’ hillclimb, Driver Adam Noyes and Co-Driver Kelsey Stone look forward to another successful rally at the New England Forest Rally 2017, flying through the woods of the Maine and New Hampshire border. Follow them on Facebook and on Instagram @apogeemotorsport and expect them to go big for the jump photos!

Apogee Motorsport at New England Forest Rally

Check out the full entry list for the New England Forest Rally 2017 on American Rally Association’s website.  As always, we will be sharing what we can through our own Facebook, so follow along with all of our up-to-date coverage.  See you out there!

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