Bimmerfest 2017 – Shock and Awe

When we discuss the finer things, a well crafted German car should always make it into the conversation.  Of course, there are a few makes to choose from, but not many are more recognizable than a BMW.  Having a BMW is like having a nice watch.  It doesn’t stand out like a Flavor Flav clock on a gold chain, and it doesn’t force attention like cruising through town in a straight piped Lamborghini.  As with any reserved culture, however, there is a tendency to bubble under the pressure in strange ways (have you ever been to Japan by chance?).   This is my impression of Bimmerfest 2017, the car show that refuses to sit quietly and occasionally compliment “My, that’s a nice suit”.

Turbo kits galore at Bimmerfest 2017

Turbo kits galore at Bimmerfest 2017

eEuroparts tent at Bimmerfest 2017Raceway Park in Englishtown New Jersey set the stage for Bimmerfest 2017, as it does every year, and invited anyone with a bit of Bavaria in their driveway or garage to come out and represent their personal flavor.  The call to arms went out to us too, of course, as we sprung to be a Platinum sponsor of this exciting two day event.  Mike from web development and our catalog manager Eric both piled into a fresh BMW Z4, with me piloting the tow pig with the rest of the gear (they get to have all the fun).

Our booth popped up on Saturday morning and soon after the song of our people began to play in the distance.  Never before had we seen so many brand new M3’s and M4’s in one place.  Definitely the hot commodity to have, but it can’t just be any old stock M4.  It has to be loud, very loud.

Bimmerfest East 2017 in its entirety

Raindrop, Chop topThe sound of an S55 engine at full song is face melting with the right intake pipes and exhaust parts.  You have the turbocharger on strings, the exhaust tips on bass drum, and someone’s right foot as the conductor for the perfect concerto.  Actually, now that I think about it, maybe using a Metallica reference would be better here.  One thing is for certain, the Jersey air was filled with the sounds of loud pipes, and it was supplementary entertainment to try to shout out engine codes before the car came into view.   Of course that’s not to leave out the classics.  Vintage bimmers absolutely had a showing here, with E21’s, E30s, classic 6-series and a handful of 2002’s as well.

The autocross at Bimmerfest 2017With a huge variety of vendors to chat and hang out with, and crowds of BMW crazy people, we felt right at home.  Mishimoto was there keeping their cool under a giant inflatable penguin (why not) as well as booths for BMW NA, Motul, and Bilstein.  We kept people’s attention by showing off how the 3M kits ACTUALLY do work to restore dull and fogged up headlights on our BMW Z4.  It was surprising to hear how many patrons were under the impression that they never work, and the only way to have clear lenses is to buy new ones.  We even made Eric from catalog a believer when the Z4’s lighting transformed to look brand new, great success there.

BMW vs Corvette on the drag strip at Bimmerfest 2017

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Check out the photo gallery, and make sure to like us on Facebook and hit up our Instagram account @eeuroparts to keep up to date on the latest news, shows, racing updates and more.  Coming up next, Wolfsgart.  Where Bimmerfest 2017 was somewhat of a celebration of the super clean high-dollar niche, Wolfsgart is the hippy cousin that moved to VT in a hand painted VW bus.  Stay tuned for more on that, as we leave Thursday to keep the road trips coming at!

BMW S70B56 V12 engine

Among the rarities at Bimmerfest 2017, a museum quality E31 850CSi and its 5.6 liter S70B56. Only 1500 of these V12’s were ever built.

BMW cooling system failure

Every BMW event must feature someone that didn’t get their cooling system parts in proper order before leaving.

This E90 had more dish than the Mall of America food court.

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