Hallowed Soil and 2-Stroke Oil – Looking Back on Swedish Car Day 2017

It’s great to get out into the community to see our customers and their project.  It’s better when you are in the shadow of the castle-like Larz Anderson Museum, giving the atmosphere a reverence that is seldom as palpable.  Swedish Car Day is a special show there in Brookline, Massachusetts, calling for a type of crowd that is different then what we are used to.  Chrome bumpers and side-draft Weber carbs replace the sea of shaved engine bay, air-ride equipped late models.  While Swedish Car Day 2017 of course was primarily about the cars, but for us it is also about the community.  We get to talk and hang out with all our friends that we’ve made over the years at these events.

Swedish Car Day 2017

Swedish Car Day Yellow Volvo 142We were out the door and on the road early enough to watch the sunrise over Boston. When we arrived, there were a smattering of people, nearly all of them either organizers or folks from the NE Saab Club, one of the most enthusiastic group of Swedish car nuts that I know. Among them were tents and lawn chairs full of people enjoying the rays, answering questions, and chowin down on some burgers and dogs.

Swedish Car Day Polestar

We rolled the race car off the trailer and got ready for the show.  Luckily, the good weather streak was kept up, with the sun shining and a warm breeze caressing the rolling landscape that makes up the historic Larz Anderson Complex.  Over the years, I can’t remember a bad day at Swedish Car Day.  Our tent setup was bigger than ever, with displays featuring products from Powerflex, Krona, Sonax, as well as a few of our more popular products like the Saab 16v Stainless Steel Valve Cover Kit , Nokian Tires, and 3M headlight restoration kits.

Swedish Car Day 2017 eEuroparts

We were glad to hear this frequent shopper put Nokian eNTYRE 2.0’s on the P1800 and loves them, he stopped by on the way out to say hi.

Check out our photo gallery below to get a taste of what it was like to be there in the presence of so many beautiful Swedish cars there, I figure the pictures say more than words at this point!

Swedish Car Day Gallery

One more thing though, we will be hosting our own get together at the end of September, and although it won’t be featuring any historic and exotic locations (unless you count eEuroparts to be historic, maybe we do), it will involve a huge pile of Swedish cars knocking elbows with everything else under the European umbrella.  Expect to see vintage VW’s and Volvos, sick customs, late model sports cars, and especially our own race cars.  It’s called the Fall Finale and is on September 24th, get more info at the event page here. We hope to see you then!

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