Team Sahlen adds Second PDK Equipped Porsche Cayman

Team Sahlen is proud to introduce the newest member of our race car stable – Saucy! Saucy is a PDK equipped Porsche Cayman, which functions somewhere between an automatic and manual transmission.  The common slushbox torque converter is swapped out for two clutches (Porsche Dopplekupplung, Double Clutch). While the first clutch disengages drive, the second can already be spooling the gear clusters up.  Paired with a fully electronic automatic control system, this cuts shifts to fractions of a second.  The replacement of the stick shifter and clutch pedal with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters allow the driver to concentrate on the situation at hand, always helpful in endurance racing.  It’s important to keep the fluid in these gearboxes in good shape as there is added complexity, but we don’t find that to be a problem, as good maintenance is always the key to success.  This addition now raises Team Sahlen’s total number of Caymans with an ‘automatic’ transmission to two.

Joe Sahlen shared his thoughts on the addition of this newest PDK equipped Porsche Cayman – “Last year we added a 3rd Cayman, named Lunatic, to our stable.  Unlike our 1st two Caymans, Salt & Pepper…this one had a PDK Automatic Transmission.  We were not quite sure how this PDK would function in a long enduro.  After working out a few new car bugs, we were able to successfully run Lunatic for the full 9 hour Sahlen’s Sports Car Springfest at the Glen.  Not only did the PDK Transmission run the whole race, but we were able to secure the Overall victory.”

By securing the top spot on the podium, Team Sahlen was able to clinch the 1st worldwide sports car endurance victory for the PDK Transmission in a production based car.  Now with having 2 racers with the PDK, the opportunities to continue these winning ways looks to be even further enhanced.

Porsche PDK race car

The paint scheme for the newest Cayman is similar and yet different to the other three Team Sahlen Porsches.  Still carrying the familiar lightning bolts on the fenders, Saucy is the opposite contrast in colors to Lunatic.  Saucy has a main body in bright yellow, with red fender/bumpers and accented with Black lightning bolts.  No doubt race fans will be noticing this bright Cayman.  And for sure when both Saucy and Lunatic are side by side on the track at the same time, there just may be the chance that the dual vibrant colors of the two cars combined might could blind the competition from brightness.

The newest Cayman will be making its competition debut at the American Endurance Racing event at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on October 21st and 22nd.



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