Saab 9-3 Rear Window Regulator (03-11) Tips and Tricks

I did the replacement of my 2010 SAAB 9-3 Rear window regulator yesterday and was presented with a few challenges. Mostly, confusion over the part itself. eEuro offers a Genuine SAAB and a ProParts version of the regulator, but it turns out the Genuine Saab version is the ProParts unit also and ProParts is what you will receive, just with a Genuine sticker and from the Genuine supplier, so save a few bucks and get the ProParts unit. Next, the original regulator looked very different to the replacement and was made by a company called Lames. Stamped on it was the mfr. part number 12758269 (SAAB part 12763707) and it was black with a green cable sleeve on one end and bare cable (no sleeve) on the run on the other end. Also it had plastic motor hub.

Saab 9-3 window regulator

The new part has an upgraded steel hub, is all silver and is made by ProParts with a different mfr part number.  The Lames regulator is no longer available, and Genuine Saab has been using the Proparts regulator to make sure people still have parts available.  82348806 (updated part which crosses to SAAB part 32019495). Which is all fine, except it did not fit into the door.

Saab 9-3 window regulator info

There are two foam blocks in the door called “spacers” that together form a wedge inside the door. Still not sure of any other purpose than this.  These have to be removed in order to be able to fit the ProParts regulator unit in. The foam blocks (SAAB part 1280362; eEuroparts part#  4767067) interlock and the half of the block away from you needs to slide forward. The other half has a plastic rivet that needs to come out in order to remove it.

Saab 9-3 window regulator spacer

Finally, test your window before closing up the door because some ProParts got the colors backwards. On my motor pigtail the switch operated in reverse using their color coding. Later, when I did the driver side rear regulator it was reversed also.  Something to keep in mind, we do what we must to continue on!

Hope this helps someone with their Saab 9-3 rear window regulator! I was convinced the part was wrong and spent a lot of time on the phone with eEuro. I also suspect this is why Lames 12758269 parts have sold USED on eBay for $300. Because people cant get these ProParts units into the door if they have a later model with these foam spacers.  With this information, most specifically the tips, I expect the normal DIY’er will be able to get their car back to tip top shape and install the new regulator without issue.

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