How to Tune your Trionic SAAB Performance Series: Overview

Whether you are new to SAAB, or a SAAB veteran ready to breath some new life into a modern classic, this series has been put together to give you a comprehensive look into performance engine tuning with the Trionic family of engine management systems.  Trionic was a revolutionary system that spanned many makes and models through 1993-2012. Starting with Trionic 5 of the GM era turbocharged 900 and 9000 to Trionic 7 on the 9-3 and 9-5, which improved both driveability and efficiency, to finally Trionic 8 on the 9-3 Sport Sedan, the most sophisticated system produced before SAABs demise.

Saab trionic

All Trionic cars can be tuned, T5, T7, and T8

Great work has been done to build a community of tinkerers and tuners with the goal to disseminate information and educate those who want to learn. I hope to further this goal by standing on the shoulders of these giants and bring some of their work into light as well as share my own experiences in SAAB and its Trionic tuning platform. In the following weeks , follow along as I walk you through the basics of setting up a tuning station on your PC, to reviewing each different Trionic system in detail with real results.

I’ll even be covering some not so conventional uses of Trionic in the popular classic 900 retrofit and maybe even some other non-SAAB marques. Even if you’re not interested in tuning yourself, you’ll at least be educated in what you’re buying from literally the hundreds of SAAB “tuners” out there and how to prepare your car to be tuned.

Saab trionic laptop tuning

Trionic Tuning R&D way back in 2013 at Mt. Ascutney

I’ll be using several cars across the Trionic spectrum in various states of shape to mimic tuning in the real world. We’ll do testing before and after, review the preparation and then actual stages of tuning and have data to back up what we did and why we did it. Stay ‘tuned’, this should be fun.

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4 thoughts on “How to Tune your Trionic SAAB Performance Series: Overview
  1. Darryl

    Is this still going to happen? I want to do a Trionic swap to my ’87 convertible but I’d love to read something like this first.

  2. Chesley Myke

    Hi i want to know if their is anything i can add to fine tune my 2004 saab 9 5 i think their was a email about some part to take out and returned core i am need more information .

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