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This last Sunday we had the eEuroparts Fall Finale, a small show with a friendly atmosphere here at eEuroparts in Windsor Connecticut.  We did this because it was the first year in awhile we didn’t actually have an event on our own soil, so we had to make sure we got something in before the season closed.  Technically, the season close for many of our show going customers is Staggered, coming up in only a few weeks, but more about that in another blog post.  For the Fall Finale, we bought a big pile of donuts, coffee, and bagels, put out the new Nokian winter tires, set up a little music for ambiance, and watch the morning unfold.

BMW E30 Touring Wagon at eEuroparts

Purple Ball Python Snake at eEuroparts Fall Finale We are super pumped with the results.  A few hundred people showed up to pack all of our designated lots with some overflow, and the sun stayed out all day.  Notable attendees are some of our Saab contingent out of NY, some pretty amazing BMW’s and VW’s from Fieldwerks among others, and for some reason a giant ball python snake at some point.  New England Saabs came by to say hi, and we always appreciate their die-hard attitude when it comes to bringing together the Saab community.

Different car spoilers porsche vw saab ford scion

The coolest thing about this year’s Fall Finale was the number of new faces.  We had five Porsche 911’s and three Karmann Ghias, which would otherwise have been unheard of at an eEuro show.  Luckily our Porsche 911 catalog is growing at an alarming rate, so there’s something to be said about the P-Car Turnout.

Fieldwerks VW Thing

Don’t take my word for it, though, check out our photo gallery for yourself to see some turbocharged BMW’s, engine swaps (some crazier than others), a Volvo that is mid-pickup truck conversion, Sean Pollitts beautiful Monte Carlo Yellow C900, a real life E30 touring, and a pair of eEuro race cars.  Click the link here to hit the jump!


Race cars at the Fall Finale

Sean Pollit Saab 900 Monte Carlo Yellow


VW Bus and Bug Together

View the rest of the Fall Finale Gallery!

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