Staggered 2017 Video and Photo Gallery is live!

For the third year in a row, the eEuroparts crew packed up and headed to what we can consider our home show.  Well, it’s closest anyway, located inside the Big E Fairgrounds just outside of Springfield Massachusetts, and it brings out all the local car guys for most people’s last show of the season.  We go to a lot of shows, every one is a little different but has one specialization.  eEuroFest caters to the performance and enthusiast driving aspect by offering a track events in addition to the show.  Wolfsgart focuses on the joy of driving by positioning itself up in a beautiful Vermont setting and scheduling cruises outside the actual show.  Saabs@Carlisle….well…that one is a bit self explanatory.

Staggered 2017 video

Staggered 2017 eeuropartsIf we have one takeaway from Staggered its that this is an all inclusive show focusing on fresh and modern trends, the new new.  Open to all makes, it’s very cool to see the mixes of car culture from the vintage dub scene to Bosozoku style rising suns.  This is the first time we actually did any filming here, although if you check out our Youtube channel you’ll see we’ve filmed plenty of others.  The Staggered 2017 video and photo gallery is live, so you can check out for yourself.  Included is clips from the show, BMX showcase, and drifting exhibition.  This show even had an RC drift event, Powerwheels competition, and a costume contest for the kids making sure a scene decidedly for grown-ups was accessible to the next generation of auto enthusiasts too.

Staggered 2017 Video

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Last year the remnants of Hurricane Matthew was rolling by overhead, making the event decidedly soggy.  At one point we actually moved inside and ended the day adjacent to Foundation Blue.  This year, taking into account the ridiculous weather so far in 2017, we opted for an indoor spot which allowed us to display some of our favorite performance parts alongside our beautiful bagged RS4.

It’s important to note that we go to these shows to make a connection;  To be with what we consider our people, the car enthusiast.  Although we aren’t selling the latest rim packages or custom air ride suspension systems (better to leave that to the specialists), we know there were thousands of cars to go in and out of this huge show with just regular OEM car parts.  High pressure fuel pumps, CV axles, valve cover gaskets…and we will always continue to support this community by offering the best parts for the love of driving, something very important to us.

OEM – Aftermarket – Performance

If you have a show car, a fast car, a nice daily driver, a beater daily driver…we have something for you at to make sure you make it to where you are going, regardless of the style you choose.

Staggered video ae86

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2 thoughts on “Staggered 2017 Video and Photo Gallery is live!
  1. Mike Sr.

    Not sure if you’re aware or not, but Mike K’s beige ’79 242 won an award for “trend setter” at the show. Mike’s car has been at most if not all of the eEuro shows, where it also has been recognized. Pretty surprising that an old Volvo was recognized at a Staggered show, with some very nicely prepared cars in attendance.

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