Saab’s lifetime warranty ‘Parts For Life’ comes to

Effective on purchases after September 19th 2017, ORIO AB released an exciting program for Saab owners called Parts For Life lifetime warranty program.  As the name implies, that means that Genuine Saab parts are now covered by a lifetime warranty, which is big news. is proud to honor this warranty, and we want to help Saab owners get the most out of their purchases made here at  The program also makes an effort to stay green and help the environment by donating to Nordens Ark conservation projects.  The donations generated benefit endangered species across the world, drawing parallels to the decreasing number of Saab cars on the road, very cool.  Here are some details to make clear what to expect when going forward and buying parts for your Saab.

What is covered under the ‘Parts For Life’ warranty?

The warranty covers all Genuine Saab parts authorized by ORIO under the Parts For Life warranty.  To see if your parts are eligible for lifetime replacement, visit this page and enter in the part number. If the outline turns green, then the part is authorized for the Parts For Life warranty.  Remember to use the main OE number, as our SKU numbers may not mirror the OE Saab part number, resulting in a rejection on their side.

Genuine Saab Parts For Life Lifetime Warranty

Let us emphasize that the Parts for Life warranty is only for replacement.  If you buy a part that is NLA, meaning Orio has no more stock and the Saab part is no longer being made, then your parts will be replaced with the OES equivalent part.  If the part is NOT available in Genuine or OES, you will be eligible for a refund of the original purchase price.

Is labor covered?

Saab Parts For LifeLabor IS covered, but only if you get your work done at any number of OSC (Original Service Center).  Click here to find the one nearest you.  Hang on to your receipt for the service work done, and if for some reason the part were to fail, that OSC will handle the warranty replacement for you free of charge for the lifetime of the vehicle.  However, we know that many of you out there are DIY’ers and we want to make sure that you are covered as well.

NON-OSC installed parts are still covered, exclusively at eEuroparts

That’s why exclusively extends the Parts For Life warranty to DIY’ers, allowing Genuine Saab parts purchased through to be replaced free of charge for the lifetime of the vehicle.  If you installed a Genuine Saab part that goes bad, then contact our customer service department for a replacement.  We are confident that Genuine Saab parts are of a high enough quality that you will never need to do this beyond our already existing 1 year warranty that eEuroparts offers on ALL parts sold, no matter what the brand.  Obviously, your labor will NOT be covered if you install it yourself.

Are OES Parts covered too?

OE parts that are straight from the original equipment supplier are not covered under the warranty.  They are covered under our 1 year warranty.  All OE parts are the exact same quality as genuine without the genuine price.  If you have more questions on what OES really means, check out this article.  It’s up to you whether or not you would like to pay less for OES, or rather enjoy the Parts for Life warranty offered on the Genuine Saab part.  We are proud to offer our customers all the options to let you make the best decision for your situation.

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4 thoughts on “Saab’s lifetime warranty ‘Parts For Life’ comes to
  1. Thalis

    Wow this is great so the hundreds of extra dollars I’ve spent on the parts being genuine saab now is covered, now it’s definitely worth the big difference in prices from buying the cheaper OE’s

    • Adam Goral

      Hi David, the Dielectric Grease goes on the electrical contact on top of the plug and around the top of the ceramic insulator right next to it. The idea is to keep voltage from skirting down moisture on the outside of the sparkplug, effectively shorting it out.

  2. Kendall Linzee

    That’s Awesome eEuro! Maybe someday Saabs will be manufactured again. And relatively sane people will govern.
    I will keep an eye out for ”Genuine Saab” parts. It’s too bad folks have such a hard time taking care of their vehicles. Maybe if they weren’t getting wacked so hard for the roof over their head or health care, they wouldn’t have such unreasonable expectations of the machinery that gets them around and the people who service it.?

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