Replacing A Worn Out BMW Key

If you are among millions of other drivers out there with the diamond shape BMW key with integrated fob, you may eventually share a common problem.  The batteries in these keys are charged by the ignition, and if it’s been awhile since you’ve been on a long drive you may find that you have to be very close to the car for the car to unlock or the trunk to pop.  Your key may even be completely inop, meaning every time you need to get into the car you have to use the key hole in the door handle.  Not exactly luxurious.  On many cars you can simply pop new batteries into the fob and suddenly your range will be extended back to normal.

Replacing Batteries in a BMW Key

BMW key transmitter

The BMW key batteries in this particular style are not so easy to replace, and that’s a problem. Unfortunately there have been several attempts across the internet from users trying to replace the weird battery in their BMW key, and most of those attempts end in a broken, busted up key that ranges from ‘completely broken’ to ‘kinda works’.  This is the bad news, if you want to regain the ability to lock and unlock your car from a distance, you will need to get a replacement key, and they aren’t what you consider cheap. The BMW gods have spoken, and thankfully we do have a solution for you, as BMW key orders are our specialty.


To get your new BMW key, simply select your BMW in your vehicle selector and type ‘key’ into the search.  Somewhere on that page, find the key that looks like the broken one you want to replace, and buy it.  Alternatively you can find the right one for your car below.

To process an order for any BMW keys you must provide a VIN, photo ID, and current vehicle registration or title. The name and address on the ID must match the title/registration. Don’t worry, we will send you an email asking for this but make sure your photos/scans are CLEAR and LEGIBLE.  You should see some of the ones we get.  If you can’t tell if you’re looking at a drivers license or a blurry amusement park rollercoaster snapshot, chances are BMW will not accept it and we will have to ask you again.  Don’t be that person, we want you to get your key as fast as possible.

Because BMW will be cutting this key specifically to your car, you will not be able to cancel the order once you place it.  Them’s the breaks, we can’t resell a return for VIN keys.  There is additional programming once you get your key to marry it to your car, instructions are listed on the product listing.  Up to 4 keys can be programmed per vehicle.




Fits these cars:

+ BMW 323Ci 2000-2000

+ BMW 323i 2000-2000

+ BMW 325Ci 2001-2006

+ BMW 325i 2001-2005

+ BMW 325xi 2001-2005

+ BMW 328Ci 2000-2000

+ BMW 328i 2000-2000

+ BMW 330Ci 2001-2006

+ BMW 330i 2001-2005

+ BMW 330xi 2001-2005

+ BMW M3 2001-2006

+ BMW X3 2004-2008

+ BMW X5 2000-2006

+ BMW Z4 2003-2008



Fits these cars:

+ BMW 525i 2001-2003

+ BMW 528i 2000-2000

+ BMW 530i 2001-2003

+ BMW 540i 2000-2003

+ BMW 740i 2000-2001

+ BMW 740iL 2000-2001

+ BMW 750iL 2000-2001

+ BMW M5 2000-2003




Fits these cars:

+ BMW 525i 2004-2005

+ BMW 530i 2004-2005

+ BMW 545i 2004-2005

+ BMW 645Ci 2004-2005


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5 thoughts on “Replacing A Worn Out BMW Key
  1. Laadpaal

    Finally the old BMW keys can be replaced by new one’s. A big relief for all those who have been trying to replace their key batteries. Thanks for sharing the information.

    • Charles

      I was able to replace the 3V 20MAH battery with a another rechargeable, bought online from Interstate Batteries. The trick was getting the soldered-in original separated from the 2 electrical contacts on the sides of the original battery. In the process I also found a solder point on the circuit board that was not making good contact, which I re-soldered. That, not the battery, could have been the problem. Total cost was $7.00. But I also purchased a new key from a local BMW dealership through the independent shop I use. They were able to get it for $168.

      • Adam Goral

        The cutting and the soldering is a little much for some people, which is why we happily offer replacements with a simple add to cart button. No mess, no fuss, just a brand new cut key to enjoy the ultimate driving experience with.

  2. What if you’re in a situation like myself or you just bought the BMW off of somebody or you traded them for another car and you haven’t had a chance to get the BMW in your name yet because you’re still working on the BMW getting it ready for smog and therefore it’s not in your name it’s in the previous owner’s name but it is legitimately your car now how does that work if I need to order a key can you please explain I have the title or the paperwork

    • Adam Goral

      Hi Tony, unfortunately BMW requires proof of ownership in your name, not our rule. They figure the time it takes to register a car is kind of a waiting period to deduce it’s not stolen or something. You could ask the previous owner to include a new key in the sale (or trade). A picture of the title with their name corresponding to their drivers license is what they would need to order a new key.

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