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eEuroFest 2019 VIP packages are now available!  The eEuroFest VIP package is a great value for 2 days of automotive excitement.  For 2018, we are going to change things around a little bit to accommodate the expected explosion in show growth coming off the first year.  VIP packages will will be per person instead of requiring you to buy a pair of tickets.  The package will include your VIP pass, a spot in the car show, unlimited autocross, a ride along pass, a camping pass, and a t-shirt.  Here’s what that actually means.

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eEuroFest 2019 VIP Concessions

eEuroFest VIP Chalet

The VIP pass grants you access to the catered VIP chalet through the course of the event, offering air conditioning, drinks, and snacks.  On Friday June 7, VIPs will be treated to lunch, and be invited to the catered BBQ for dinner on the hill overlooking the entire paddock.  Last year, when we fired up the grill and tapped the keg, it was all smiles.  We want to build on that by offering VIPs continental breakfast the next day and lunch on Saturday, all available with a wave of your VIP badge.  You will also get a 2019 eEuroFest t-shirt to sport at all the rest of the car shows you hit up for the rest of the summer!

eEuroFest 2017 and 2018 shirts, 2019 design TBA

Unlimited Autocross

eEuroFest 2018 Autocross

VIP Driving Experience Autocross eEuroFest 2018

VIPs will be able to drive The Motorsport Experience Racing BMW M3’s

Lime Rock’s autocross course is supremely cool.  More than just a parking lot with some cones in it, consider this a small racing course with elevation change and racing curbs.  As a VIP, you get the go-ahead to get on the track whenever you want, with front of the line privaleges.  It’s like the luxury pass at a theme park, but you get to own and drive the rollercoaster.  If you leave to go do some laps on the autocross, your spot in the car show will be saved, so no worries there. A helmet is recommended but not required, all you need is a valid drivers license.

VIP’s will be given exclusive access to the autocross on Friday, and will be given a set of race-prepped BMW M3’s from The Motorsport Experience.  Try your hand at taming one of these monsters out on the course, with you behind the wheel.

VIP Ride Alongs

eEuroFest 2018 Ride Alongs

All day Saturday we will be running VIP race track ride-alongs with the Motorsport Experience BMW M3’s.  Strap into the harness once again and ride as a passenger for a thrill ride you won’t forget.  A professional racing driver will push the limits out among the advanced and professional track day run groups, meaning you will be riding a 400hp BMW M3 missile through a field of advanced drivers.  The videos don’t do it justice!

Several professional racing teams were enrolled last year for the track day.  Our VIP’s went door handle to door handle with famous racing drivers from the IMSA Michelin Pilot challenge, Trans Am and the Pirelli World Challenge championships for eEuroFest 2018.

Stephen Cameron Racing had their M4 on track for testing during eEuroFest 2018

With active passing allowed in these groups, there’s no better way to get the feeling of being involved in an actual race on the historic track that is Lime Rock Park.  Feel the G-forces of big bend and the downhill, smell the race fuel exhaust from the car in front and glowing hot brakes, and experience speeds in excess of 120mph.  This was one of our most successful segments of previous eEuroFests, and some may say this alone is worth the price of VIP admission.


eEuroFest Camping 2018

eEuroFest Camping 2018

Camping is changing this year to accommodate the long distance travelers.  We realized many people were planning on coming early, so we are opening the infield campground for an additional day.  That means you can come on Thursday Night if you are a VIP, and want to already be at the track for Friday’s VIP festivities.  Your VIP pass is good for camping both nights without additional passes.

Car Show

eEuroFest 2018 Car Show

Each VIP will receive a car show pass for one slot down in the B-Paddock expose.  Featuring all kinds of cars, the show is a main draw of eEuroFest.  Last year we had a Volvo V70 lifted onto some insane truck chassis, a variety of excellent classics from Saab and BMW (of course), to Porsche, Lotus, Ferrari and so on.  Swapped BMW’s galore right alongside battle hardened daily drivers.  Don’t be bashful, we noticed a swath of very cool cars parking in the GA parking session.  We don’t want that this year, be part of the show!

eEuroFest 20918 Car Show


Everyone is eligible to win trophies and prizes.  We had some surprises last year, so even if you don’t consider your car a ‘show car’, put a coat of wax on, throw all your junk into the trunk, and get a prime spot down in B-paddock.  Car show voting will be revised for 2019, format will be TBA but we are fixing issues with our previous user-judged car show format.

eEuroFest VIP Package
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eEuroFest 2019 Exclusive!

VIP Passes are on sale for $300 a piece.  They will only be available at  Don’t miss out on this incredible deal and be left kicking yourself when your buddies all got their VIP materials, these will sell out fast due to the limited space!  We’ve already sold a ton, limited space is available!

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