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Changing struts on a car has always been a big task for DIY’ers, mainly because in order to change your strut you have to disassemble a coil spring assembly under heavy load.  This meant you had to bust out the ol’ spring compressors and hope that you don’t take a suspension coil spring to the face or gut (or worse).  We find a lot of people put off changing their struts because the task is such a dangerous pain in the butt, but we have put together a solution to remedy this with eEuro Assemblies, pre-assembled complete loaded struts ready to simply bolt in.  This removes the personal risk from doing DIY struts, with a few bonuses.

eEuro Assemblies – Price one out for your car

Cant compress BMW spring enough

Check out the spring length VS the extension on this BMW strut. To get the top mount on you need to either pull the strut piston up or compress the spring by more than 50%! That’s a no-go for DIY spring compressors. Worry not with eEuro Assemblies.

1.  The first bonus is from buying an eEuro Assembly is time.  While it may take an afternoon out of your valuable weekend to do a strut job by taking apart the assembly and rebuilding, a pre-built strut can be a 90 minute job at best if you know your way around a wrench.  Simply unbolt the top mount, raise the car, remove the sway bar link and the bolts that hold it to the knuckle.  At this point your strut is all but ready to come out and the new one pops right in.  How easy is that?  Granted, this can take some extra time if your car uses a strut insert type of design which can be a little more finicky.

The MK4 VW Golf, Jetta, Beetle uses an insert style, which sits in a hole on top of the knuckle

2.  The second bonus from getting an eEuro Assembly is that you get everything you need, brand new.  No more temptation to reuse worn out strut mounts.  No more missing or ripped dust covers or sandy bearings.  Because everything is being replaced at once, you can ensure maximum longevity out of your front strut DIY.  We also include all necessary hardware, because often times major suspension bolts are the stretch type.  That means one use only, and re-tourquing them multiple times can lead to cracks or failures.  You also get new springs, which are often saggy or even sometimes broken on most high mile cars.  With new strut mounts, struts, bearings, and coil springs your car will feel like it’s new again.  We recommend of course also doing the rear springs and shocks at the same time if you have the opportunity.  This will give an entire suspension refresh, making that first test drive that much more sweet.

3.  The third bonus of picking up an eEuro Assembly is the ability to mix and match components to suit your needs best.  Unsurprisingly because of this, we have been building a lot of performance option eEuro Assemblies with Koni or Bilstein struts, and H&R lowering springs. Imagine bolting a Koni FSD and H&R lowering kit and noticing the immediate results of your hard work only hours later.  That’s a great feeling, and we want to offer this to as many people as possible.

Koni FSD Kit pre-assembled

Koni FSD and Bilstein Sport kits come with springs, we add mounts, bearings, hardware and the rest to make it a plug and play kit.

Other people take a different approach, requesting us to build them a fully Genuine Parts Only eEuro Assembly, which is completely possible with our system.  If you don’t want to use the OE Sachs or Bilstein, and instead want to pay a little more for the Genuine Saab or BMW, for example, we can do that for you.  We have a warehouse full of both OE and Genuine suspension components.  Simply send us an email with your VIN and what kind of kit you would like us to build you.

If you are thinking about doing this yourself, take a quick look at the video above, where Matt Moran (Owner and CEO of eEuroparts) pops a Koni Sport adjustable eEuro Assembly, demonstrating DIY struts are a possibility for even beginner wrenchers.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!  Just make sure to always use a torque wrench when attempting major service on your vehicle, and we highly recommend going step-by-step in your vehicles workshop manual to avoid hangups and always use proper torque specs.

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