eEuroFest 2018 Taste of the Track – Now Available

If you are looking to get out on the Lime Rock Park full course during eEuroFest 2018, but aren’t ready to sign up for the full HPDE day with Hooked on Driving, then we have a new solution for you. The Hooked on Driving “Taste of the Track” is exactly how it sounds. It gives you the ability to go through a short classroom session with professional driving instructors, and then hit the track for a full session of lapping around Lime Rock’s full course at speeds that you are comfortable with.  The VIPs were allowed first crack at these, so a few of them are already spoken for.  Starting now, these are open to the public!

The passes go on sale for $100 per, and are still available for the Friday session. Saturday has SOLD OUT!  Quantities are very limited due to the nature of the program and tickets will go faster than you on the back straight.

eEurofest 2018 Lime Rock Park

eEuroFest 2018 Taste of the Track

A classroom familiarization with a professional instructor is part 1, while the on track segment is part 2.

An SA2010 or newer certified auto racing helmet is required to get out onto the track, but don’t worry if you don’t have one. Hooked on Driving will have rentals available, and if you purchase a pass it is worth it to reserve yours in advance to make sure everyone has what they need to participate in the eEuroFest 2018 Taste of the Track program.

The track portion of the event will feature a lead-follow structure, and there is no passing allowed to make sure first time track-drivers will always be safe and in control. A coach will be riding shotgun to help you acclimate to the track conditions and keep your attention in the correct spots. He will control the pace, which will quicken depending on the apparent talent and skill of the group.

What to do before arriving:

Your car should be in good, track ready condition, and be inspected prior to main course action. Here’s a list of things that you should check (or have checked) prior to arriving to the eEuroFest 2018 Taste of the Track program:

o Wheel bearings, checked for excess play or wear.
o Brake pad/shoe depth – a minimum of 50% remaining.
o Brake fluid – we highly recommend a flush and replacement with high temperature synthetic fluid.
o Tires – pressures should be increased 2-3 lbs. from standard pressures (see your expert for more precise guidance on this – and you really should buy a high quality air gauge with dial readout) – tread should have 50% remaining.
o Wheels – snap on parts should be removed and lug nuts should be tightened to recommended torque (usually in the 85 lb range, but check manufacturer recommendation).
o Belts and safety equipment – is all the factory equipment in good shape?
o Fuel – it’s best to arrive with a full, but not topped off tank – You’ll use fuel quickly on the track and your car is probably engineered to handle properly with a reasonably full load – fuel is available at the track, but it’s a bit pricey.
o Coolant/fluids (OK air-cooled guys, you’re off the hook on coolant) check all appropriate fluids – oil should be topped off (except dry sump Porsche engines, which should be at the low end of gauge/indicator).

Reserve your space for Friday’s Group

Reserve your space for Saturday’s Group (SOLD OUT)

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