Sign up for a track day in 2018 – You know you want to

When we first hit the track years ago, our eyes were opened to the thrill of performance track day driving.  Getting a machine ready and attacking the course is about as rewarding as mailing all of your holiday cards out on time, or making a bunch of money off cryptocurrency.  This summer, you might not be buying a house in Maui funded by bitcoin, but you can still get that same sort of feeling when you climb out of your car and turn off your GoPro after a day of track romping.  If you think there’s no way, think again, it does feel that good.

Here at eEuroparts, we have a particular affinity for two great organizations that offer up racetracks to us normal Joes.  Those are HOD and SCDA.  Short for Hooked on Driving and Sports Car Driving Association, these two organizations do an amazing job of making sure everyone is satisfied and keeps coming back.  Special shout out for Hooked on Driving who will be at Lime Rock for eEuroFest this year June 8-9!  Last year we got some fresh faces out onto the Lime Rock main course (including the president of the N/A Saab Club in his 9-3) and are looking to get as many eEuro customers out for some track time in 2018.

Hooked on Driving Lime Rock

Let’s do a track day!

Novices can pair their Xbox expertise with some classroom training and go out to get a feel for their tires and suspension.  Both programs are specifically designed to ease the novice into track driving with professional instruction.  When you hear the term HPDE, it’s short for High Performance Driving Education, and the idea is to make you a better driver.  Brake later, clip apexes tighter, and learn how to read a track and get the most out of your machine.

Experienced enthusiasts can sign up for advanced and professional run groups in order to get the most possible track time (and grins).  Even professional race teams get in to set up their cars and test new systems for an upcoming race.

Sports Car Driving Association

SCDA just released their schedule, which is full of great venues as well as great discounts depending on the automotive make of your own jurisdiction.  SCDA serves most of the eastern United States, utilizing Lime Rock Park CT, Watkins Glen in the finger lakes region of New York, Palmer Motorsports Park in the hills of Western Mass, New Jersey Motorsports Park, Virginia International Raceway (VIR), New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Thompson Speedway in western CT, and the brand new Club Motorsports track in New Hampshire.

Hooked on Driving

Hooked on Driving has a full schedule as well, and will be consistently adding new track days to the calendar throughout the spring.  Hooked on Driving is a multi regional track day association that goes from east coast to west.  Be sure to check out the HOD Frequent Driver Program, which registration ends on January 9th.  There are two levels, so click here for Hooked on Driving HPDE.  We’ve always had a great experience with Hooked on Driving, who often provides extra fun on the full weekend events with BBQ’s and get-togethers for those staying a the track overnight.

Motorsport Experience BMW M3

The Motorsport Experience has a host of rentable BMW M3’s for track day use

2018 will be a big year for everyone, let’s be honest.  We think that amid all the turmoil in Washington and the impending Yellowstone supervolcano eruption, you should make a point to try out one of these track day programs to experience the fun of doing an HPDE track day.  Don’t be held up if you want to start in the novice category but don’t have a track worthy car or helmet.  HOD and SCDA has options to make sure you can get the most out of your track day weekend even if your hardware isn’t quite ‘race ready’.  There are even track day rental companies such as The Motorsport Experience that will rent you a track worthy car.  Every track day program is a little different, but their focus is the same.  Get you on track and make you a better driver, that’s something everyone can agree on.

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