Bosch is OEM & OES for Aftermarket Ignition

Bosch is an original equipment manufacturer and supplier for most ignition products they carry in their aftermarket program. This program consists of spark plugs, ignition coils, distributor caps and rotors, rebuilt distributors, and a variety of other ignition sensors and products. Each of these products will have the Bosch brand name and reputation to stand behind their overall superb quality, fit, and finish.

Bosch has over 125 years of manufacturing experience, building car parts for almost as long as there have been cars on the road. Robert Bosch, the man with the plan who started it all, said  “I have constantly tried to deliver only products which withstand the closest scrutiny – products which prove themselves superior in every respect.” That quality has persisted over the last one and a quarter centuries, which is why eEuroparts carries thousands of Bosch parts across every make we support. Here’s a quick look at some of the popular categories we carry in Bosch:

fuel pumpBosch Fuel Pumps

The fuel pump supplies fuel pressure to the injection system and is an essential component in almost all automotive applications. In modern applications this pump is usually electric and expected to deliver fuel at high pressure to meet the performance and emissions demands of today’s motors. The fuel pump is normally located inside the fuel tank and be accessed in some cases from above without lowering or removing the tank. Loss of power under load, engine surging, and no start situations are all possible indications of a malfunctioning fuel pump, especially if the vehicle has 100,000 miles or more and is operating on the original fuel pump. It is recommended that the fuel strainer where applicable be replaced at the same time. It is also recommended that the car’s main fuel filter be replaced at regular service intervals of roughly 30,000 miles.

Bosch Ignition Coils

An ignition coil is an induction coil that transforms the battery’s low voltage to the thousands of volts that are needed to create a spark in the spark plugs to ignite the fuel. The ignition coil consists of a laminated iron core surrounded by two coils of copper wire. Obvious signs of ignition coil failure include backfiring, engine misfiring, stalling, and starting problems. A more subtle indication that you may have a problem with your ignition coils is decreasing fuel economy. When less power is reaching the spark plugs, your vehicle will use more fuel to compensate for the lack of power transfer. If you notice a drop in MPG, take a look at your ignition coils and consider a Bosch replacement.

Bosch Fuel Pressure Regulator

I’ve already been too wordy so I’ll try and keep it shorter from here on out. Your car needs to run at a specific fuel pressure, and the regulator controls the fuel pressure and returns any excess fuel to the tank so your engine doesn’t flood. If you see gas dripping from the tail pipe, or black smoke from partially burnt gas, you’re not going to pass emissions and you may need a new fuel pressure regulator.

Bosch Wiper Blades

I’m going to assume you know what a wiper blade does, but if there’s any doubt, a wiper blade keeps your windshield free of rain, snow, and other moisture so you can see where you’re going. Bosch has an assortment of blades for every need. Here are some highlights:

  • ICON – Best for winter, Bosch’s ICON wipers are beam blades, which aren’t affected by snow and ice buildup.
  • Evolution – These beam blades feature dual precision-tensioned steel springs for more uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade
  • MicroEdge – Bosch uses a specially blended natural rubber for reliable performance

bosch fuel injectorBosch Fuel Injector

A fuel injector is a combination of a nozzle and valve that controls the delivery of fuel into the combustion chamber of an engine. The nozzle is carefully designed to atomize fuel in a very fine spray to achieve a homogenous mixture of air and fuel. A failing or clogged injector can cause a dangerous lean condition in a cylinder. This can present itself as a misfire, hesitation, stumbling, or low power. Leaking fuel injectors can have symptoms such as hard starting, poor emissions, increased fuel consumption, and increase fuel odor in and around the car. Some success can be had with fuel injector cleaner but it is critical to an engine’s performance and life that properly functioning fuel injectors be used at all times.


We’d also like to thank Bosch for sponsoring the concession area at the 2016 eEuroparts Swap Meet & Car Show, Sunday, May 1, 2016 at eEuroparts HQ. Come get a taste of burgers and brats at Uncle Benny’s Kitchen, deep fried chicken parm balls at Chompers, and season french fires and poutine at Poutine Gourmet, thanks to Bosch!

3 thoughts on “Bosch is OEM & OES for Aftermarket Ignition
  1. michael.logan

    I would have liked to have read something about the spark plugs I am currently going through looking at Bosch and NGK spark plugs testing the botH on my car right now it looks like NGK is giving me two more miles to the gallon… Car…2005 X3 BMW 3.0 engine

    • Adam Goral

      For OEM sparkplugs, it is best to look up the proper plug in your user manual. If it lists more than one, they will all be of exacting equal specification and any change would only be perceived. These specifications are very closely rated and designated by car manufacturers, any variation to how the car runs will cause them to choose a different plug. Both Bosch and NGK supply OEM manufacturers are are available to us as the original equipment supplier part. They should be considered the highest quality available and with the right part number your car will run exactly how BMW intended.

  2. Robbie Brown

    My 2000BMW 328 ci runs great now after replaceing all cooling system ,but it still has a problem not starting battery is good but sometimes I go to start it and it does nothing all lights come onlike it should but will not turnover it will not do nothig I kept turning ignition on and off and eventually it starts thats why I think it is the ignition what do you think?

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