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If you are into all things Euro, and you have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, check us out! We make an effort to keep all of our social media followers in the know when it comes to new product lines, sales, events, and just general European car fun. If you like your feed to have videos of Group-B Audi rally cars mid-air, glamor shots of Saab’s in snow, rotary valve BMW’s, or get updated when something comes hot off the blog press, hit that like button.  We’re building a race car out of a Saab 9-3!  Follow along with the build progress on all of our social media outlets.  Oh yes, there will be sparks.  We make sure to always keep the stream of Euro awesomeness flowing.  Contests?  Oh yea, we do that.

Social Media on FACEBOOK!

Every so often we feel the need to give away some cool stuff like site credit or swag, and Facebook is our favorite place to do it.  We can’t leave out the show and race coverage photo/video galleries that we post during show season, either.  If you’re in the New England area and go to car shows, keep an eye on our feed to see if your car pops up in the feed!  Even the occasional meme goes by.  Facebook is a great spot for us to hear what you have to say about eEuro, so click the link below and get in on all the eEuroparts Facebook goodness!

Social Media on INSTAGRAM!

Instagram is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to post square pictures of cool stuff.  Closeups, new products. SLLOWWW MOOO.  Hashtags.  #hashtags.  #nofilter.  #allthefilters.  When we are out and about, or notice something really cool roam in to our parts pickup lot, our Instagram followers are the first to know.  S54 swapped E30 M3 just pulled up, we’ll snag it for Instagram.  @heykornely pulled up in his Volvo 240 equipped with a basketball size turbo, you should know about it.  Keep up with new products streaming into the building with behind the scenes looks at what we do and how we do it.  There’s also some great race coverage on Instagram, so you can see our occasional updates of when we’re at the track.  Usually either we are kicking butt, or getting our butts kicked.  Either way, it’s going to be an entertaining time, and something might explode.  No ads, no spam.  Just awesome cars and the parts that make them so cool.  Follow the link below to hit up our Instagram.

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Kick butt videos on YOUTUBE!!

If you like your pictures to move, our YouTube channel is bustling with high definition event recaps, high adrenaline racing videos from our own team as well as our other motorsports members, as well as an ever growing DIY video section.  If you are interested in us doing a DIY video on something you think would be relevant and helpful to a lot of people, contact us and let us know.  We are always looking for new ideas to help show people how easy it is to work on their own cars.  And when the car show and racing season starts up, be sure to check out the eEuroparts YouTube page for HD updates on the coolest things we are up to!  We have integrated our YouTube and Google+ accounts, so now you can get notifications when we come out with fresh videos and blog posts.  Check it out, hit that subscribe button, and we’ll see you out there on the social media internet!

Social Media on TWITTER!

If Twitter is your pocket feed of choice, then we have you covered there too.  No one gets left out of the hashtaggy goodness.  Hit up our Twitter account [here] and get into the swing of things.  So there you have it, the blog isn’t the only place you can get a solid dose of eEuroparts news.  Delivered in 140 characters.  Yea, alright sometimes we are a little too excited to fit in the 140 character limit, but we make sure to include links because nobody gets left out here.

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