eEuroFest 2019 is coming June 8th, here’s what’s new and improved!

eEuroFest 2019 is coming to Lime Rock Park on June 7-8th, and ticket and package presale have begun!  There are a few changes this year, so read on and get the scoop on 2019’s premier European Automotive Enthusiast event! Now until May 15th, every Enthusiast Package ordered has the opportunity to be randomly upgraded to a VIP package (a $300 value).  There are 6 upgrades available, so get your Enthusiasts Packages now and be eligible for a huge upgrade!

eEuroFest 2019

eEuroFest is about one thing, celebrating our love for our European cars.  Since there are so many walks of life when it comes to the Euro car scene, we set out to deliver an all encompassing experience that embraced everything Euro, and the most logical location for such an event fell into our laps.  We sponsored a few events at LRP in the past, and when we started thinking about the best place to do eEuroFest, Lime Rock’s enthusiastic staff were all about it.  The park checked a lot of boxes:

Box 1: Epic road trip

eEuroFest 2019 Scenery

Lime Rock Park is situated in the rolling foothills between the Catskill and Green Mountains, and nearly every road going in and out is complete with smooth rural scenic routes through the quintessential New England countryside.  Ancient stone brick buildings, hilltop crest views, and forested creek side canyon runs invite those who prefer to take the back roads rather than the highway.

Ender’s Forest is one of many natural features on the route if coming from the East.

Box 2: Autocross

There’s something about the European car that makes people think about performance driving.  Maybe it’s the roads in Europe, or Germany and Sweden’s inability to make what you would consider an ‘economy car’ for the American market.  Either way, we knew we needed a performance driving option for people that don’t get to experience their car on the limits of traction.  Lime Rock’s autocross course isn’t just a wide open lot with a sea of cones, however.  It’s a half-mile road course itself, complete with cambered corners, race curbing, and elevation change.  The autocross runs all day on Saturday.

eEuroFest 2019 Autocross

Autocross tickets are available in the Enthusiast package at a discount, or buy them at the event for $15 each.  Each autocross ticket is good for 5 minutes of tire squealing open lapping.  Passengers are allowed and a helmet is recommended but not required.  Just make sure ALL loose items are out of the car before hitting the tarmac.

Box 3: Car Show Area

In previous years, we’ve had the car show down on the pavement in what is called the ‘B-Paddock’.  This year we are moving it up top to promote a more centralized event, so no need to walk back and forth to get in on all the festivities.  Another thing we are changing is the voting structure.  In previous years, we put car show voting up to the people, making every prize people’s choice.  This year, we realize that for our car show to rise above the noise we have to change some things.  For eEuroFest™ 2019, the car show will be judged by enthusiast panel judges that will grade cars on a number of criteria.  On top of that, cash prizes will be awarded for Best Modified and Best Original.  Don’t worry, we will still be running a people’s choice!

eEuroFest 2019 Car Show

Car show passes are available for $25, and now include a GA ticket and a t-shirt for eEuroFest 2019.  Even if you don’t have what you would traditionally consider show car, if you love it we love it.  Clean it out, put a coat a wax on (or mud, if that’s your thing) and join in!

eEuroFest 2019

Box 4: Camping

Camping at eEuroFest 2019

What festival is complete without a campground?  Lime Rock Park features a beautiful campground with both flat open RV camping and wooded sheltered camping spots ‘in the pines’.  Small camp fires are allowed as long as they are contained in a pit you bring in.  Put up some party lights, hang out after hours with fellow enthusiasts, and wake up to race engines in the morning.  Camping will be available for FREE to anyone that purchases a GA ticket!  Permanent 24hr bathrooms are directly adjacent to the campground.

Box 5: Swap Meet Elbow Room

Back by popular demand, the swap meet will offer a huge area of rare and used car parts, as well as a variety of other European Auto related goodies. Bring cash or parts to trade, or clean out your garage and set up shop at eEuroFest™. Have a lot of stuff to sell? We’ve got the space. Have a truck load of MK3 VW parts, or a hundred Saab wheels? Bring ’em down!

eEuroFest 2019 Swap Meet

Box 6: Full Course HPDE Track Day

Are you the type of enthusiast that isn’t excited until your brakes are glowing?  Hooked on Driving is once again hosting a very rare unmuffled Lime Rock track day with us on June 7th and 8th.  The track day is for serious track junkies, and has four run groups (Novice, Solo Intermediate, Solo Advanced, and Unrestricted).  Novice run groups feature coaching from supplied race car driving coaches to help you shave seconds off lap times and hone your skills.  Your car must be in tip top condition for this event.  Prices range from $399 per day to $775, with a $100 discount for purchasing both days together.  Visit this page for more information and to sign up for this rare opportunity, registrations are selling out:  [click here]

eEuroFest 2019 HPDE

Bonus: We are renting a trio of track prepped BMW M3’s to give passengers the ride of their lives on the main course during the advanced and unrestricted run groups.  That means you will get to feel the exhilaration of being on track with other pro race drivers as you navigate the short but complex Lime Rock Park circuit, just as greats like Paul Newman did.  Ride along passes are first come first serve and are included with VIP passes.  Helmets are supplied.  Must be 18 to go onto the main course.  Remaining non-VIP ride alongs will be sold at the track to anyone, cost is TBA.

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To buy tickets, head over to and pick up your passes.   Some VIP passes are still available, although they usually sell out a few days before the event.  Many of our VIP’s this year are repeat customers, and that says a lot!  Check out the map and schedule below, and get your tickets on! eEuroFest 2019 Map

eEurofest 2019 schedule

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    Trying to recall the vendor name from last year – specialized in head and other gaskets. I believe they are a German company? Will they be participating this year? Thanks.

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