eEuroparts Announcement

To our valued customers and friends,

Late last week, was facing permanent closure due to financial reasons and asked the great team Newparts, Inc. for some help to keep the brand and website alive. Newparts, Inc. was able to step in and take over at the last second!

We are committed to maintain and improve all the reasons that made great over the years.

Newparts, Inc. has deep European car knowledge founded in the garage ranging through Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Saab.

•    Loyalty program is here to stay
•    Warranty on all orders will be honored
•    Sharp prices are our focus
•    Attention to detail
•    Live Chat and email support
•    Customer accounts will remain intact
•    Phones will be back up as soon as the number is ported
•    90-day return policy

On top of that, we will bring several new brands of product, we’ve already brought back free shipping over $50 on most orders and will increase the offering to newer cars.

We are hard at work catching up on tickets and open orders and hope to be back to full capacity by Friday, September 6th.
Please accept our apology for this delay as we get up to speed. The business operations were down for a few days over the holiday weekend.

Our new home will be in Nashville, TN where we will consolidate and ship all orders as well as accept returns and process warranty claims.

Customer Service Manager, Dean Bergeron, will remain at his position to ensure the heart and soul of remains intact.

For the time being, we are unable to ship internationally but will look to solve that issue as well.

Our goal going forward is to incorporate the best features of both companies and provide the best possible service to our customers.


Your team

17 thoughts on “eEuroparts Announcement
  1. Thomas Corrigan

    then eEuroparts is becoming a subsidiary of Newparts?

    And does this mean the eEuro name , the web site, my account will remain the same? But, there will no longer be a counter pickup or warehouse in Windsor CT?

  2. Kin Wan


    I have ordered on Aug 30th and expected to receive on Sept 6th, will the order ship soon or I should cancel the order? I need the part to fix in the body shop. I can’t wait anymore.

  3. Nate

    What happened to all the Classic Saab 900 parts? Just a couple weeks ago it looked like you got a bunch of stuff in like ecode headlights and the pro parts ones, inner driver cups, exhaust systems, (even the sport kits!) bushings, etc ….now these parts have vanished from your site…. also powerflex seems to have disappeared…

  4. wadeboggz

    It is unfortunate for eEuroparts not to be able to survive the growing online parts market. It is also unfortunate for the many customers that have existing orders in with eEuro but are unable to get in a timely manner. I placed an order # 1897329 for a (DIC) on my 2007 Saab 9-5 back on 08/26/2019 where I paid $60 bucks for two day shipping, only to find out the news about eEuro going under and that there would be a minor delay. Customer Service replied to my email by saying that it should ship by 09/06/2019. I have checked my order many times because of my desperation for the part only to see that is STILL “PENDING”
    PLEEAASSSEEE SHIP ORDER# 1897329 (This is my first post on any blog ever, hence my desperation)

      • wadeboggz

        I did see where you credited me the $60 shipping, and thank you. But, what about shipping the part? I do not see an email relating to when I might receive it, and it still shows as ‘Pending.’ If it will be more than a day, please refund the full amount of what I paid for the (DIC) so I can purchase it somewhere else. I cannot pay another $300 without receiving something from you, whether it is the (DIC) or the refund. Thank you.

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