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Working on your own car is fun, frustrating, exhilarating, and rewarding, all at the same time. The DIY spirit is a unique one and often attracts a special breed of car enthusiasts. However, the fact that you enjoy working on your car doesn’t mean you necessarily enjoy wasting time or dealing with your local auto store’s supply chain. When you prepare to work on a project, you should have all the parts in front of you, ready to go. Our auto parts kits offer exactly that.

A Different, Enhanced Kind of DIY Experience

Automobiles are complex machines. They’re like babushka toys in the sense that each component can be broken down into smaller pieces. The lower you go in this hierarchy, the more parts you’ll find. It’s when you start tearing down something like a power steering pump on an E36 that you learn just how much ingenuity and precision machining goes into building these machines we take for granted.

You learn one more thing — that every component is packed with all kinds of seals, gaskets, and O-rings. Missing one of these tiny components is enough to throw a wrench in the whole system, often bringing a car to a grinding halt.

Why are we talking about seals and O-rings? Because they aren’t often included in the box when you order spare parts for your automobile. SAAB 9000 kit A Different, Enhanced Kind of DIY Experience

Dealing with Illogical Auto Part Manufacturers

Here’s how the process of fixing a car should look like from start to finish:

  • Your car breaks down
  • You diagnose the problem
  • Order the parts
  • The parts arrive to your home
  • Fix the problem
  • Get the car back on the road

Pretty simple, right? Unfortunately, that’s not how things usually go. Instead, your average automotive repair project follows a flow chart that looks something along the lines of:

  • Automobile breaks down
  • You diagnose the problem
  • Order the part
  • Parts are delivered to your home address
  • Realize the part doesn’t include everything you need
  • You order more parts
  • Your second batch isn’t compatible with the first
  • Order the right parts
  • Fix the problem

It’s no secret that car part manufacturers can be too confusing when it comes to labeling parts. Worse yet, they can beillogical when it comes to packaging parts. What’s the point of buying a replacement thermostat if it doesn’t come with a new gasket? The world of automotive parts is full of such instances.

Being immersed in this world, we’ve had a unique perspective of this problem. prides itself on being a brand that is geared towards the DIY community. Because of that, we’ve made it our mission to find a way to make DIY repairs easier for our customers.

Transmission Service Kit
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eEuroparts Auto Parts Kits

The result of our effort is the eEuro Auto Parts Kits. The idea behind our kits is pretty simple. Instead of spending hours researching which parts you’ll need, whether they come with all the necessary hardware and then having to deal with returns, we’ve come up with complete kits that eliminate all of those issues.

Say you want to rebuild your suspension. You no longer have to get all parts individually and then cross your fingers that everything fits as it should. Instead, you can get one of our suspension rebuild kits for your automobile and be sure that it will fit.

We guarantee the fit and compatibility of our kits. In the words of late Billy Mays — but wait, there’s more!

eEuro Auto Parts Kits

Quality Above All

Here at, we understand that your car is your pride and joy. After all, we are a company of car enthusiasts. With that in mind, we know that the only way to maintain your car and keep it on the road for years to come is to use quality parts.

When we put together our kits, we’ve vetted all the individual components. Our primary goal was to ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck on top of being guaranteed a proper fit.

Our relationships with some of the best brands in the automotive industry have allowed us to cherry-pick top of the line individual components, box them all together, and have them delivered to your door.

When you buy an eEuro auto parts kit, you’re purchasing the best quality for the money, guaranteed.

Cooling System Service Kit
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What Kind of Kits are Available?

At this point, you’re probably wondering what kinds of kits are available? What is the extent of work you can do at home using our kits? Our company has built a reputation for being the leading car parts supplier for European automobiles. The list of car brands we support is extensive.

Covering each individual brand with kits is a daunting goal, but one we strive to achieve. That being said, we’ve focused our initial kits on car systems that wear out the most. In other words, brakes, suspension, and other core systems.

These are also systems where you’ll run into most compatibility issues. It’s not uncommon to order a lower control arm only to find out that whoever makes it didn’t include the main bushing into the package.

Head gasket kits are also in our offer and are among the more popular kits we offer. Our head gasket kits include everything you need to reseal your cylinder heads, and know that you won’t have to touch them anytime soon. With our prices, you don’t have to lower your standards to get quality parts delivered to your home.

Valley Pan Gasket Set
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Brake Kits by Brembo

One thing worth mentioning regarding our brake kits is that we offer complete Brembo kits for a wide range of vehicles. We’ve been building a strong relationship with this top tier brake manufacturer, giving us a unique opportunity to put together quality brake kits for your automobile.

When you get a Brembo brake kit, you’re getting top-quality components as well as all the hardware necessary to get the brake job done.

The Future of eEuro Auto Parts Kits

Our brand is committed to serving the DIY community and finding new ways of delivering quality parts at the best possible prices. Our auto parts kit program is a product of these core values. We are working on building more kits to cover additional parts of the car as well as additional makes and models.

As you can probably imagine, we have our work cut out for us. That being said, our current offer is more than decent. We feel that we’ve managed to cover most of the popular makes and models, with the essentials. Naturally, we’ll keep working on expanding the list.

Suspension Strut Assembly Kit - Front (w/ Standard Suspension)
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How to Find eEuro Auto Part Kits for Your Car?

To find an auto part kit for your automobile, all you need to do is head over to our online store and input your car’s year, make and model into our navigation tool. Once our system crunches the data, you’ll get a list of results. Narrow down the search by selecting the specific automotive system and scroll down until you find a complete kit.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with our customer support service. We have representatives standing by to offer help and answer any of your questions regarding eEuro auto parts kits. You can reach us either by email or by calling our call center. Our reps are all gearheads just like you, so you should have your eEuro auto parts kit delivered to your home in no time.

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