Switches to UPS to Serve You Better

The next time you buy something up from, you may notice that the shipping options have changed.  That’s because we’ve just completed a major changeover to UPS, and we’re pretty excited about it.  This was a big switch for us as we’ve been FedEx believers and users for about 15 years now.  So the paragraphs below give you information about why we switched.

On average, UPS shipping charges will be about the same if not a little less, and carry the added benefit of a speed boost.  The speed comes from extra delivery days.  UPS now offers six (6) day delivery in many major markets.  That means that instead of getting your ground packages from Tuesday – Saturday you could get your ground packages from Monday – Saturday.  This was the largest driver for us to change from FedEx to UPS.  Additionally UPS just completed a new collective bargaining agreement with their delivery drivers that will allow them to start rolling out Sunday delivery over the next few years.  That will mean you could get your package seven (7) days a week.

UPS owns their entire network from pickup to delivery.  With FedEx Ground the network is picked up and delivered by a series of contracted drivers.  With UPS your package is always within the UPS network even internationally.  That’s the largest change by far.  UPS is a much larger company than FedEx and in most international countries including: Canada, Australia, and Japan they own their own delivery network.  This allows us to have date specific delivery on most international shipments.  Barring any customs issues of course.

Finally for our Canadian customers we’re introducing UPS World Ease.  Until now, we’ve gathered up our Canadian orders over the course of a week and the pallet would leave our shipping dock every 7 days.  Paperwork was frustrating and things would often get held up at the border.  With UPS, this is greatly expedited, and now Canadian bound ground orders are departing every day!  These orders are pre-cleared and we pay the HST and GST for you to the government.  We will also have options with UPS to include brokerage and fees all together, simplifying the process.  These shipments are now date delivery specific.  Meaning that if we give you a date we’re probably going to be fairly close to that expectation.

International orders will have much more reasonable shipping times, with orders also getting on planes at the nearby hub daily.  Faster shipping means you will be able to get your European car on the road FAST, and we’re happy to be able to offer that.

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3 thoughts on “ Switches to UPS to Serve You Better
  1. Mike

    Using UPS is a shame really as for shipments to Canada they have very high brokerage fees. I hope you have negotiated something reasonable or paying the brokerage fees on a bulk shipment, as I have stopped ordering from anyone who only uses UPS due to the high fees. Thanks Mike

    • Matt Moran

      Hi Mike, The brokerage fees that FedEx and UPS charge are the same. Usually it’s $20-30 per package on an express package which includes taxes and duty collection fee plus HST / GST which is usually about 13% CAD or about 9-11% USD depending on the mix of items. We also have UPS World Ease which is Canada Ground but we collect Brokerage Duty and Taxes up front and do not charge a “Duty Collection” fee.

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