FreciousPlus Cabin Air Filters Block Allergens, Mold, & More

New FreciousPlus cabin air filters from MANN-FILTER trap almost 100% of allergens, reduce mold growth by more than 98%, and block particulate matter almost completely, three things almost no other cabin air filter currently does. Excited? You should be.

What’s wrong with my current cabin air filter?

Probably nothing. Activated carbon filters do a great job eliminating odors, trapping harmful gases and pollutants, reducing soot and other tiny particles, and protecting your air conditioning system. BUT, there are important things your cabin air filter isn’t doing that FreciousPlus does, and that’s why you might want to consider switching.

Over half a million liters of air can flow through your car’s ventilation ducts per hour, and that air is dirty – over five times as dirty as the air by the side of the road. Most of the time you don’t think about the fact that you’re breathing in that air, unless maybe you’re like me and have allergies and asthma (I’m a manly man). Then you think about it all the time.

FreciousPlus traps almost 100% of allergens

I grew up in a house that was built on what are now protected wetlands, which sounds nice but really it just means they built my childhood home in a swamp. We didn’t have a garage so every spring morning our cars would be covered in a thin layer of yellow-green pollen. I never thought about the fact that I was driving through a cloud of pollen on my way to school or church or wherever, but I was.

Anyway, that indulgent digression is just to say that I wish I had had some kind of futuristic technology that would have helped my poor sinuses every morning. FreciousPlus has a natural polyphenol coating that acts like a cage for allergens, trapping almost all of them.

FreciousPlus reduces mold growth by 98%

I’m also allergic to mold. Again, also very masculine. The wetlands of my youth were a perfect damp breeding ground for the stuff, and while I knew the mold was everywhere, I never pegged it for growing inside of our family car. Alas, it almost certainly was.

FreciousPlus cabin air filters have an additional antimicrobial coating to block allergenic bacteria, mold, and fungi. Gross mold can’t get into your vehicle, and it’ll have a hard time growing on the inside of it, too.

3-layers of protection

FreciousPlus has three layers of protection. The first high-performance layer filters particles such as road dust, pollen, tire dust, and particulate matter. This means you’ll breathe the cleanest, best smelling air possible.

The second layer uses high quality activated carbon granulate to remove odors and harmful gasses like ozone, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides.

The third layer is the aforementioned biofunctional layer, which traps allergens and kills off bacteria and mold.

You probably think about your cabin air filter approximately never, but if it’s time to change it (most manufacturers recommend every 12,000-15,000 miles), consider switching to a FreciousPlus MANN-FILTER. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, you might want to change to FreciousPlus even sooner.

Current availability and the future of FreciousPlus

The initial rollout includes 15 perfect fit filters for your European cars, and we anticipate this product line growing as time progresses.  If there isn’t a FreciousPlus filter available for your car yet, check back soon to see if we have added one.  In the meantime, check out our full line of standard and charcoal activated filters that still do an amazing job of keeping the interior atmosphere of your car fresh and clean.

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