Introducing eEuro Preferred Auto Parts – The Optimal Bang For your Buck

The current market for spare parts is packed with all kinds of products. You’ve got everything ranging from Genuine and OEM parts to questionable aftermarket alternatives. Although such a vast selection of choices is good, the mere presence of choice doesn’t mean that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Here at, we believe that you deserve to get the best value for your money, which is why we’re introducing eEuro Preferred auto parts.

Bringing Balance to the Market

The “sparing no expense” used to be the best way to approach automobile maintenance back in the day. There was a time when expensive replacement parts guaranteed longevity. Those days are more or less gone. The current auto parts market is completely imbalanced.

There are three main categories of auto parts:

  • Genuine parts – built specifically for car manufacturers, parts marked as Genuine offer the best possible quality but are also the most expensive ones you can get.
  • OEM parts – OEM is a step below Genuine. They are usually made in the same factories as Genuine parts, meaning that the quality is the same. OEM automobile parts feature shorter warranties and are slightly cheaper than Genuine.
  • Aftermarket parts – the aftermarket segment is entirely out of the car manufacturer’s control and is packed with all kinds of parts. Aftermarket brands have their own directions as far as the quality of new parts goes.

The issue with this classification is that Genuine/OEM parts are often overpriced compared to the quality they deliver. On the other hand, many of the cheap aftermarket parts are nowhere near the required quality. In other words, there isn’t an optimized solution for car owners who want to get the best value for their money.

eEuro Preferred VS Genuine SAAB Introducing eEuro Preferred Auto Parts - The Optimal Bang For your Buck

eEuro Preferred Auto Parts

Being one of the premier parts, oil, and lubricant suppliers for European cars has given us a unique perspective. Since our company was built around providing the DIY-oriented car owner a way of frugally maintaining their cars, we’ve decided to do something about this growing problem.

The eEuro Preferred is our brand of automobile parts. We’ve created a curated catalog of quality aftermarket parts that we feel offer the best bang for your buck. Our goal was to find parts leaning towards the Genuine segment in terms of quality but at realistic, often quite affordable prices.

DIY Maintenance and Repair on a Budget

Owning and maintaining a European car is often thought to be something reserved for those with plenty of disposable income. We feel that it shouldn’t be the case. The biggest reason why this misconception is still spreading around is artificially inflated dealership prices. Even oil change prices at dealerships can be exorbitant, even though the oil itself is fairly cheap. This practice continues in 2021.

With eEuro Preferred, we’ve presented you with an alternative that not only makes the maintenance and repair relatively affordable but one that allows you to repair your automobile on your own terms. If you change your oil and repair your car, you should be able to do so without spending insane amounts on parts.

OEM Parts Lowest On The Web eEuro Preferred Auto Parts

Quality of Parts

The aftermarket segment is often compared to a wild, mysterious place where anything goes — and it’s true. You can find extremely cheap parts that won’t last more than a month, but you can sometimes find parts that will downright outperform the Genuine segment at a much lower price. By creating our automobile parts brand, we’re able to curate the aftermarket category and pick parts that we think our customers will want to install in their automobiles.

While the affordable price was always the guiding idea behind our selection method, we’ve spent a lot of effort ensuring that the parts we offer are truly worth installing in your automobile. Quality is key if you want your repair to last. eEuro Preferred parts have to be durable. Otherwise, the entire premise of us having our own parts brand falls apart.

Extended Warranty

We can talk all day about how we chose our parts or how well they’re made, or we can put our money where our mouth is. To show our level of commitment to the eEuro Preferred brand, we’ve decided to give a 2-year warranty on all eEuro Preferred parts.

A 2-year warranty is more than we offer on most other parts in our catalog, including our OEM and Genuine offer. We truly believe in the eEuro Preferred brand. You will, too, if you give it a try.

What’s Available?

The eEuro Preferred brand currently offers over 300 different parts, while we’re continually working on expanding that list of parts with new products. You can find anything from suspension components, PCV systems, engine mounts, and other parts in our catalog.

Since we’re in full control of the parts that we sell under this brand, we’ve decided to apply some common sense to certain types of auto parts. Have you ever bought a control arm for your European car, only to find that it doesn’t arrive with the bushings installed? Our control arms come complete with bushings.

There’s so much room left for improvement in the automotive part industry, which is why we’re confident that our brand will thrive. Our catalog keeps growing at a steady pace. Although we understand the scope of the demand for affordable quality parts, it is our obligation to follow the methodology that sparked the eEuro Preferred brand in the first place — quality control.

How to Find eEuro Preferred Parts?

To find eEuro Preferred parts for your European car, head over to our online store and look for the navigation tool. Input your car’s year, make, and model, and our system will give you a list of automobile parts that match your inquiry.

Look over to the left side of the result screen and find the manufacturer selection tab. You should find eEuro Preferred among the list of brands. Once you select the eEuro brand, your results will be filtered to include only products from the eEuro Preferred segment.

If you have any questions regarding our brand or any parts offered under its name, feel free to get in touch with our customer support. Our customer reps are standing by to provide any assistance you could need and provide you with the answers to your questions. You can also reach us on Facebook and other social media.


5 thoughts on “Introducing eEuro Preferred Auto Parts – The Optimal Bang For your Buck
  1. Peter Granet

    Way to go. Good luck with your new undertaking, I’m a true believer and I’ll be sure to use eEuro Preferred parts whenever needed and available. Would be nice to be able to buy a valve cover gasket for my ’01 Viggen without having to buy an entire gasket kit. Other suppliers offer them separately, you should too.
    Love the brake pads I ordered from you a few months ago. Haven’t had to wash my rims once since the install and the car stops on a dime.
    Regards, Peter

    • Jordan DeMarco

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you for the vote of confidence. Hopefully we’ll live up to expectations. And it’s good to hear your brakes are exactly what you wanted.

      As far as your valve cover gasket, is this what you’re referring to?

      We get them from Elring with both the inner and the outer gasket. If one is bad, the other one usually is too, and replacing both at the same time saves time and money in the long run. Let me know your thoughts.

  2. kannan nair

    I would like to inquire if you carry parts for my 1984 Honda City Cabriolet and the parts you offer for my 1997 BMW 328i Convertible (E36) .
    Thank you.
    Kannan nair

  3. Gary Reider

    Good Concept ! Start with finding a source of Very good upper and lower A-arm bushings for Classic SAAB 900’s. I always liked the OEM source bushings, so go after that manufacturer. Some of the coolant hoses that fit C900’s could be better also.

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