Lesjofors Coil Springs – Over a Century of Quality and Excellence

Modern cars are very different from the original Model T and the likes. The gap is so vast that comparing the two is borderline futile. However, one thing hasn’t changed – the need for springs. Soaking up road imperfections has become an art. Ensuring comfort is crucial for sustained driving, and coil springs are responsible for a large part of that comfort. Lesjofors is one of the oldest and most popular manufacturers of automotive springs in the world. The company has a long history of making quality products that offer top-tier performance for the money. Here’s their story.

The Tradition that Spans Centuries

Sweden has been known for its steel for centuries. From the battle-hardened axes and swords of Nordic marauders to the durable chassis of Volvos, Swedish steel remained the benchmark of quality. Alongside the usual suspects, Lesjöfors is another name that is to be credited with maintaining this age-old reputation.

Although the company currently makes a wide range of automotive springs among other products, it started as a much simpler operation a long time ago. The name Lesjöfors was related to metal production since 1675, when it was founded as an iron mill. Over time, the company persisted, growing into a larger entity. In 1849 Lesjöfors started manufacturing wire rope, which had proven to be perfect timing on their part. The company was in the right business when coil springs were invented in 1852.

Lesjöfors grew rapidly since then. This company’s largest growth was recorded from the 1930s when its production capabilities were scaled to meet the growing demands. By the time 1989 came around, Lesjöfors had acquired several smaller competitors only to be acquired by the Beijer Alma AB investment group.

Today, Lesjofors is still growing as a company, establishing its spot in the global markets. In Europe, they’re among the leading brands that make up the top tier of automotive suspension manufacturers. With that said, this company is scaling up its presence in the United States through reliable partners such as eEuroparts.com.

One thing that stands out in this story is the fact that Lesjöfors’ original iron mill is no more than a few hundred yards away from their current factory. The very same steel that had lifted the Lesjofors brand off the ground nearly four centuries ago is now used to support vehicles worldwide. That says a lot about the importance of tradition and heritage in this brand’s mission.

Lesjofors Coil Springs - Over a Century of Quality and Excellence

High-Quality Coil Springs, Leaf Springs, and More

Automotive springs are one of those things that look simple but really aren’t. To an untrained eye, coil spring, for example, is nothing more than a piece of wire bent into a helix shape. As you might have guessed, that’s not even close to being true.

Making a quality spring takes in-depth knowledge and expertise. In the case of Lesjöfors, such knowledge and expertise have been developed for centuries. This manufacturer produces a wide range of automotive coil springs, leaf springs, and gas springs that can be found in passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles.

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Application-Specific Designs

What separates the best from the rest is the ability to create products that answer niche requirements. Lesjöfors’ range of coil springs includes designs created to match anything from OEM specs to more niche applications.

The company uses high tech processes to achieve a surgical level of accuracy. It has developed proprietary software that takes into account advanced theoretical models and other tools when designing springs. Engineers working at Lesjöfors are constantly pushing the limits of coil spring design, taking the fullest advantage of the available geometry, materials, and manufacturing processes.

Such a dedicated approach to building coils not only allows this brand to build quality springs, but it also allows them to stress test and determine maximum durability during the design phase. As a result, all of the springs that reach the manufacturing stage are vetted to meet minimum performance benchmarks above industry averages.

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Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Techniques

No type of advanced software can compensate for the lack of quality materials. This is especially true for coil springs where material sciences are pushed to the extremes. Lesjofors’ dedication to delivering quality products has driven this company to seek top quality spring steel to meet its demands. The level of specificity and niche requirements meant that only a few steel mills worldwide are capable of delivering what Lesjöfors needs.

Once the materials have been acquired, they’re sent through the tedious manufacturing process, which involves cold coiling for maximum flexibility, heat treatments, computer-controlled precision grinding, shot peening, and more. Once the spring has gone through each of these steps, it’s painted using an epoxy powder coating process, thus giving it long-lasting protection from the environmental effects.

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Swedish Quality Control

Although an average Lesjöfors coil spring goes through all kinds of checks by the time it reaches the end of a production line, there’s still one step left. The quality control process is something Lesjofors takes very seriously. The company has built its reputation on delivering top tier springs for the automotive industry. A large part of that reputation can be attributed to the quality control process that comes at the end.

Lesjöfors holds a variety of ISO certificates, while its in-house quality control ensures that the end product is within spec for its intended application. All of Lesjöfors’ products come with extensive warranties, making this brand a trusted source of quality suspension parts. Additionally, these quality standards meet the OEM specs, making Lesjöfors coil springs a perfect choice for the replacement of factory components.

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Covering the European Spectrum

Being one of the largest suppliers of automotive springs in the world means that Lesjöfors covers a diverse spectrum of brands. As far as European car manufacturers go, just about every major one is covered from VW to Porsche and Audi to FIAT.

If you’re looking for a new set of springs for your car, Lesjöfors has you covered with a range of quality products. You’ll find both OEM equivalent springs as well as performance aftermarket springs in their offer.
Lesjöfors’ range of products is so wide that it covers not so common car models such as the Porsche 356 or even Volkswagen 166. In other words, you’ll find a matching set of springs to fit your car as well as your needs.

Shop for Lesjöfors at eEuroparts.com

Shop for Lesjofors at eEuroparts.com

eEuroparts.com is proud to announce that it now offers Lesjöfors products in its store. We are constantly working on bringing quality automotive parts to our customers. The brands found in our store manufacture durable components that meet and exceed various OEM requirements. Lesjöfors absolutely fits that description.
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If you have any further questions about Lesjöfors’ springs or any other products in our offer, feel free to contact us. Our customer service representatives are standing by to answer any questions you might have and offer additional information regarding our product range.

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