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The eEuroparts Motorsports Program helps racers get on track with the best parts possible.  As a Motorsport member, every time you submit content to us, we reward you with eEuroparts site credit that you can use to purchase new parts and fluids for your racecar!

The program is open to owners of European vehicles who participate in motorsports events such as, but not limited to: NASA, SCCA, Rally America, NASA Rally, American Endurance Racing, Lemons, ChumpCar, SCCA RallyCross, SCCA Autocross and VSCCA. We also support people who participate in sanctioned car shows and High Performance Driving Events “HPDE” such as Hyperfest, BMWCCA, PCA, COM, etc. If you don’t see your division or events below feel free to apply and include detailed information about the type of events you participate in.

How it works.

Competitors who participate within any organized motorsports sanctioning body can apply. We award site credit to competitors in exchange for interesting, well-made content for our blog. After the approval of the first article, a $150 season starter credit will be given to the team. Continued support is then earned by each team by submitting blog articles, of at least 500 words, which can span across several topics such as:

  • Race Preparation: Why did you choose your particular car? What modifications have you done for racing purposes, and what have been the effects? The beauty is in the details, and building/preparing a race car is a very detail oriented exercise. These are details our readers can learn from, and apply themselves.
  • DIY: You can also submit articles showing the process of installing standard or performance products we offer on the site, on either your race or street vehicles.
  • Part Selection: What parts did you need to buy from us? Why did you pick a particular brand? What kind of parts do you choose for your race car vs. street car. This can also be considered part reviews.
  • Race day: How did it go? What did you learn and what areas need to be improved. Did you have any part failures? Could they have been prevented? These are all questions you can answer in the form of blog posts on our website.


Along with each blog article should be quality, eye-catching visuals (photos, video, diagrams) which will go through our approval process. Once a post is approved, a $75 site credit will be added to your account (maximum ONE per week per team).

The Fine Print


Program Participation
  • Each program is a year-long season from February – January
  • Applications in the form of a Season Starter content submissions are accepted as of February 1st
  • Mid- year applications will be reviewed
  • Participants who are accepted to the program and offer no follow up content over the course of the season may loose sponsorship privileges


Program Requirements
  • Photos/Video of your car sporting eEuroparts motorsport decals
  • Event coverage (photo or video & blog entry) of each event for which you wish to receive participation credit
  • Blog articles of approximately 500 words that cover your exploits and are engaging for the reader
  • Be an advocate – spread a positive message as part of the eEuroparts family.
  • Be a good sport and helpful to other racers.
  • Respond and answer questions you see (in various internet outlets and events).
  • Give product feedback by identifying missing items in our catalog or by giving performance reviews of products you purchased. If you see something that we should know about, let us know! It helps us deliver a better product and experience to our customers.