SP Performance Rotors Offer Huge Variety Of Coatings And Styles

We’re always looking for new and better, and when it comes to braking performance, you have to agree that there’s always room to improve.  That’s why we’ve began carrying an exciting new line of performance brake rotors from SP Performance.  Using their own patented methods of drilling, grooving, and dimpling rotors, SP Performance is definitely something to try if you are looking for a great looking brake rotor that stops on a dime.

Starting with high quality, European made rotor blanks, SP adds a tremendous amount of performance and value with their patented drilling technology and coating process.  With two types of coatings, and several styles of performance rotors, SP Performance brakes should have a product that will get the job done on your race car, street car, or grocery getter.  It’s also important to note that SP Performance rotors are made right here in Connecticut, so the machining is top notch, no Chinesium present!  These rotors are directional and come in pairs.

SP Performance Rotor Coatings

Black Zinc Coatings are now available on all SP Performance Rotors

SP Performance rotors come in two available anti-rust and corrosion finishes depending on your taste.  The bright metallic Zinc coated rotors have an appealing silver luster, and is produced using an electro-plating plating process that creates a good looking rotor behind your wheels, while having great protective anti-corrosion properties.

SP Performance also offers a dull finish gray coated rotor they call ZRC.  The ZRC performance coating is designed for, as they put it, “the most hostile salt-water environments”.  This coating has properties that strengthen the bond to the base rotor, making it exceptionally strong after a period of heat cycling.  SP claims that this coating will not allow corrosion, even if scratched!

Fresh off the press are the new SP Performance Black Zinc Coatings.  If you aren’t into a silver anti-rust and corrosion finish on your rotor hats, we know have a black version to keep the non-friction areas behind your wheels dark and discreet.  Moving on, SP Performance offers four distinct rotor styles, Cross Drilled, Slotted, Dimpled, as well as a combination Drilled and Slotted rotor.  Not everything is available for every car right now, but the catalog is updating almost daily.

All New eEuroparts Site Functionality Added

Because there are multiple types and multiple coatings, we’ve added some all new website features to eEuroparts.com to help users find the rotors they have in mind without the burdon of website clutter.  In an attempt to cut down clutter, we’ve introduced groups to the website in order to list similar parts on one page.  Introduced with Nokian tires, we hope to implement this further as we continue to develop the catalog.  For now, if you are thinking about getting a spiffy set of SP Performance rotors, all you have to do is select the rotor that shows up in the main search for your vehicle.  From there you’ll be able to select the rotor of your dreams from the easy to use drop down.

SP Performance Cross Drilled Rotors

SP Performance Cross Drilled Rotors

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A Better Cross Drilled RotorCross drilled rotors in the past have usually come with a trade off, and that trade off has been longevity for performance.  The point of cross drilling a brake rotor is to increase the surface area and allow more air to extract heat from the surface.  This resists brake fade due to overheating friction surfaces.  Drilling a rotor, however, leaves a sharp and jagged edge that can increase wear over time, as well as weaken the rotor.  SP Performance has come up with an exclusive sinusoid curved chamfering method so that the cooling properties enhanced by drilling are not detracted from by lack of longevity or strength.

SP Performance Diamond Slot

SP Performance Diamond Slot Rotors

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Dimples are an interesting solution for those that don’t want to go for full cross drilling.  With a dimple rather than a hole, the pad is still able to outgas and allow hot vapor to expand when the brakes are hot.  This allows the pad to have a better contact with the surface of the rotor and mean that the threshold to overheating is higher.  They also look cool, no one is against that. SP Performance has come up with a specific shape for these dimples to get the maximum amount of cooling surface area and brake life by elongating the round dimples into more of a diamond shape.  Paired with a set of slots to aid in the venting of hot gasses and clearing debris and dust, these brakes are a unique addition to a performance oriented car.

SP Performance  Slotted Rotors

SP Performance Slotted Rotors

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If you are racing a car that has adequate brake cooling installed, slotted rotors are a great choice.  The directional rotor slots sweep the pad multiple times a revolution to clear dust and debris away from the braking friction surface.  It also gives hot gasses a little bit of expansion room, allowing for better overall stopping distance, even though there is a slight bit less actual rotor surface.   SP Performance slotted rotors have another great feature, and that’s the mini slot, or 1/2 slot.  This adds some braking surface area to the rotor and makes for a more stable friction level.  EBC uses similarly shaped slots to cut down on the wooshing noise that conventional slotted rotors make as the pad pass over each slot.

SP Performance Drilled and Slotted Rotors

SP Performance Drilled and Slotted Rotors

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If you are looking for the best of both worlds, SP Performance offers a drilled and slotted option for a lot of cooling surface area as well as great pad sweeping and outgassing performance.  We’ve run this with great success on our Saab 9-3 race car, and even with some severe punishment, these rotors held up great.

SP Performance rotors offer eEuroparts customers a huge number of options when it comes to your brakes, so if you are looking for an upgrade look no further.  With 3 coating finishes (soon to be 3), and 4 different styles of rotor, there are huge possibilities for your next brake job.  We recommend pairing these with EBC Redstuff for an aggressive, low dust street driving tune, or EBC Yellowstuff for a setup that can handle some track and autocross miles.

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