Nokian Tires – Where to buy, and why they are the best

Many years ago when the clouds cleared and the heavens sang, the most devote auto enthusiasts heard the word Nokian.  Shortly afterwards of course, the clouds gathered once again and hit everyone with what locals to eEuroparts would call a ‘Wicked Nor’easter’ and buried them all in a 20in of wet snow.  Fortunately, with Nokian tires this was not a problem, and soon Nokian would have the best reputation for quality snow tires in the entire industry.  The Finnish company is based right around the arctic circle, so being good in the snow is one of the top demands for day to day life.  However, while many of the enthusiasts clamor about how the Hakkepeliitta 8 was the best snow tire they’ve ever driven on, they might not realize that Nokian, now in 2017, has a huge variety of thoughtfully designed tires to keep you riding safe and comfortable no matter what the season.  Nearly all these tires are also available for SUV’s, with special reinforced aramid fiber  sidewalls (that’s Kevlar without the ®) for heavy duty motoring.  Warranty information can be found HERE.

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Snow, Rain, Slush…these are some of the hardest conditions a tire can cope with, but what about when the sun is out and the asphalt is hot?  How about when you plan on traveling to the Cleveland outskirts for a wedding in July, and you are about to put some serious miles on?  Nokian tires has something for your needs, and now that we have partnered directly with them, our devout enthusiast customer base can now buy them through us!  From the harshest blizzard to hottest summer day, you will enjoy a set of European made Nokian tires.

*Note* before we begin I want to mention a word you will read a lot, that’s the sipe or siping.  Siping (psy-ping) is the very fine slits in the tread that was actually invented in boat shoes (fun fact for the day), and are instrumental in the evacuation of water and snow.  Generally the more siping, the better the grip in inclement weather such as snow and ice.

With over 850 new part numbers added, here’s a look at what we have going on:

-All-Weather Nokian Tires-

Nokian WR G4 *NEW*

Replacing the outgoing WR G3, the WR G4 continues to bridge the gap by making a comfortable tire for both sun scorched asphalt as well as slushy snowy roads.  Nokian engineers have been pushing the envelope for decades in Finland, and have come up with an advanced rubber compound that is soft enough for the siping to adequately evacuate water, slush, and snow without disintegrating in in the summer like standard snow tires.  The result is a tire that is smooth and quiet for summertime cruising, but can get you through tough situations when the snow starts falling.

  • UTG500A treadwear rating with a 60,000 mile warranty.
  • Locking 3D reinforced sipes make for excellent water and snow evacuation without sacrificing dry weather turn-in response.
  • Groove Lifts add additional reinforcement between tread blocks for increased stiffness and dry weather handling.
  • Unique all-weather synthetic rubber compound ensures great wear resistance and fuel savings in all conditions, regardless of temperature.
  • Blade Grooves efficiently route rain, snow, and slush away from the contact surface.
  • Ramp-like tread blocks on the inner shoulder accelerate and guide the flow of water from the longitudinal grooves into the transverse grooves for better evacuation.
  • Sturdy longitudinal rib consisting of tread blocks with jagged sipes for maximum snow grip.
  • Snow Claws on the edges of the tread blocks add surface area for more longitudinal grip in snow, slush, and on ice.
  • Silent sidewall technology reduces NVH by isolating the sidewall and the wheel rim.
  • Extreme weather certification for dedicated snow tires, featuring the mountain and snowflake symbol on the sidewall.

Nokian WR G3 and WR G3 SUV

The Nokian WR G3 (successor to the Nokain WR A3) is an all weather tire available in two tire tread patterns dependent on sizing.  Smaller thinner tires will get the symmetrical groove style, where the larger sizes will be the asymmetrical style to the right on the illustration above.  These tires are an advanced, new generation of tires that have the siping and silica content to make them safe in snow and slush, while maintaining the durable compound, low rolling resistance, and speed ratings of an all season or summer tire.  Think of it this way:  All season tires will always be a compromise, and generally that compromise makes for a safe and comfortable tire on a dry road, with the ability to survive through a light snow storm depending on the setup of the car.  The Nokian WR G3 is more like a snow tire, that can make it through the summer without wearing down due to the soft compound and fragile small sipe grooves.  These tires feature 3D self-locking sipes that will still soak up water, slush, and snow, without being too squishy.  That means these will handle in the dry and feel much more supportive than a standard snow tire.  UTQG: 500 A/A – 55,000 mile limited treadwear warranty

-Winter Certified Tires-

Nokian was the original inventor of winter tires in 1934, when standard tires weren’t cutting it through the endless snowey Finnish winters.  The world’s northernmost tire producer now prides themselves in making some of the best snow tires money can buy.  They are so good that our local Ice Racing chapters in upstate New York and surrounding areas have made Nokian tires standard for some racing classes.  Yes they may be pricey, but trust us when we say if you’ve never experienced a Nokian snow tire, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Check out this listing in Consumer reports, where Nokian earns top pick in multple categories.  Just released is the Hakka 9 and Nordman 7, so those will be featured at the top as we head into the winter months.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 (Hakka 9) and Hakka 9 SUV

The new Hakkapeliita 9 and Hakka 9 SUV

The new Hakkapeliitta 9 and Hakka 9 SUV

The all new king of the hill has arrived, and the hill is covered in glaze ice.  If the conditions around you even occasionally get icy, this is one of the best tires on the market.  I only say this because the winter tire shootouts from the various magazines haven’t surfaced yet to declare it the best tire on the market, as other Nokian tires have done in the past.  Utilizing two brand new types of semi-directional retractable studs (mentioned above), the Hakka 9 delivers the ultimate in grip without sacrificing as much in terms of noise and wear.  These tires also feature a completely new tread design with a variety of different styles of sipes in key places, making it dominate deep snow situations with ease.  It’s a deep snow tire that functions like a studded tire only when you need it most.  The compound is also a revolutionary new type of rubber that resists aging out and becoming stiff with age and at sub-zero arctic temperatures.  Those of you in Minnesota know what I’m talking about there.  If you are thinking about going to a fully dedicated snow tire this winter, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 is our top pick, it simply does not get better.  These are available in both standard car, as well as SUV flavors, and carries a ‘T’ speed rating of 118mph.  Features include:

  • Functional double stud design to optimize performance while accelerating and braking, as well as enhanced cornering stability.
  • Deep aggressive snow grooves on the shoulder
  • Snow Grip Boosters are sharp edges and cuts on the sides of the middle blocks to improve deep snow traction
  • DSI, WSI wear indicators define exact tread depths where snow grip and wet grip dips below levels acceptable to Nokian
  • Severe Service Emblem denotes these tires meet and exceed performance standards for service in the harshest winter conditions
  • The specially designed SUV versions have reinforced aramid sidewalls for extra stability and performance in heavy vehicles, not simply upscaled sizes like other tire companies


Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 (Hakka R2) and Hakka R2 SUV

Nokian Hakkepeliitta R2 at

The king of the sipes.  If you’re looking for deep snow traction without studs, Nokian has the R2.  The R2 is a high performance studless winter snow tire that combines nearly a century of snow tire technology into a supremely comfortable tire able to handle the worst winter weather planet Earth is capable of.  Where the Hakka 8 is designed specifically around the studs, this tire goes in the opposite direction.  Utilizing a number of different types of sipes, alongside a Cryo-Silane and Cryo-Crystal tread compound, the R2 is designed to perform excellently on surfaces from deep snow to wet glaze ice and icey gravel.  The sidewall is a key area to ensure strength, so instead of having water and slush evacuating treads located there like many other tires, the R2 features pump sipes that suck up the slush and water and store it until it can expel the contents.  The treads along the sidewall feature jagged edges to add traction, Nokian calls these areas “Slush claws“.  This is in addition to what Nokian describes as “Grip claws” which live between the dense siping and tread blocks and make the grooves effective tread areas as well.  Available for cars and SUV’s.  Check out this tire shootout with the R2 on Car and Driver

  • Cryo-Crystal tread compound technology exposes hard sharp crystals embedded in the compound for a consistently rough surface, improving studless glaze ice handling
  • Pump Sipes on the shoulder evacuate water into small reserviors deep in the tread block to prevent slush planing and hydro planing
  • Sipe activators enhance the ability of the sipes to do their job when the weather is changing quickly
  • Grip Claws between the tread blocks ensure that even the areas usually left smooth are doing work to extend grip in snow
  • Slush Claws help evacuate slush packed in the edges of the tread for improved grip in thick slush conditions
  • Environmentally friendly oil construction using canola oil ditches the toxic processes usually involved in making tires, earning several worldwide prizes for innovation
  • DSI and WSI indicators allow you to know exactly how much tread depth is left without a depth gauge
  • Available in RunFlat for cars without a spare tire

Nokian Nordman 7 and Nordman 7 SUV

Nokian Nordman 7

The successor of the Nordman 5, the Nordman 7 borrows some of the latest technology from it’s big brother the Hakkapeliitta while keeping the price point lower.  Effectively a Hakka 7, the Nordman 7 has some great benefits.  This is an extreme performance winter tire that features the same innovative cushioned stud technology as the Hakka’s, but is a little less complex in general and results in a more inexpensive entry point to the arctic domination market.  A few really interesting features on this tire make it a great candidate for your next set of snow tires.  One is something Nokian calls an Air Claw, which is a combination of the proprietary steel stud, and a small air pocket that cushions the area directly in front of the stud.  Kind of like an air bladder in a running shoe, this reduces impact and tearing while also reducing road noise.  They are those three little holes in front of the stud.  This technology is taken directly from the Hakkapeliitta 7.  It’s important to note that not all sizes are available yet as this is a brand spankin’ new tire, and the Nordman 5‘s are still out in force (and are still a great snow tire).

  • Air Claw technology provides the tire with highly effective grip properties and long lasting tread life.
  • Deep aggressive snow grooves on the shoulder
  • Snow Grip Boosters are sharp edges and cuts on the sides of the middle blocks to improve deep snow traction
  • DSI, WSI wear indicators define exact tread depths where snow grip and wet grip dips below levels acceptable to Nokian
  • Severe Service Emblem denotes these tires meet and exceed performance standards for service in the harshest winter conditions
  • 3D interlocking sipes ensure a stable driving tire on dry pavement with less tread deformation and a high level of water and snow absorption.
  • The specially designed SUV versions have reinforced aramid sidewalls for extra stability and performance in heavy vehicles, not simply upscaled sizes like other tire companies

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 (Hakka 8) and Hakka 8 SUV

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8

The Nokian Hakkapeliita 8 is the outgoing world class computer designed snow tire available in studded trim at eEuroparts.  Earning numerous test wins in motoring magazines all over the world, the Nokian Hakka 8 has intricately designed tread siping, a proprietary silicated formula, and Nokian’s patented Eco Stud 8 adaptive stud system. The name Hakkapeliitta comes from a 15th century battlecry that roughly translates to “Hit them hard”, and to the competition it’s no wonder why. This system uses a variety of Nokian innovations including the design of the anchor stud, flange design, and eco stud cushion to provide extreme levels of grip while maintaining soft and quiet stud surface contact for absolute comfort out of a studded snow tire, even on glaze ice.  This tire also features special reinforcement in key areas of the tread block that allows the stud to provide maximum grip in braking situations.  Don’t drive in fear of what you might find on a snowy and icy road, check out the Hakka 8.  Also available in non-studded, but we recommend the R2 if you don’t want studs.


  • Nokian Eco Stud 8 technology Gives a smoother ride compared to other studded tires, and is easier on the road while lowering cabin noise
  • Cryo-Silane Generation 2 tread compound ensures vital tread block flexibility stays consistent as tread blocks wear down.
  • Self Locking 3D tread siping strengthens the highly siped tread blocks to maintain a firm ride while still offering maximum water and snow evacuation
  •  DSI, WSI wear indicators define exact tread depths where snow grip and wet grip dips below levels acceptable to Nokian
  • Environmentally friendly oil construction keeps Nokian on the leading edge of environmentally friendly manufacturing
  • Nokian ‘brake booster’ technology keeps things under control under heavy braking on snow and ice
  • Available in RunFlat for cars that do not have a spare tire
  • -All Season and Touring Nokian Tires-

    Nokian zLINE A/S and zLINE A/S SUV

    Replacing the outgoing zLINE performance summer tire, the zLINE A/S maintains great dry traction and sharp handling characteristics while adding in features that allow it to provide safety in inclement weather.  This is Nokian’s flagship UHP (Ultra High Performance) all-season tire, with a fantastically strong carcass complimented by long tread life, soft ride, and silent tread design (you can see the golf ball-like dimples between the treads).  For the performance side, the proof is in the proverbial pudding, as zLINE A/S tires are installed on the MX5 race cars that live at Lime Rock Park.  With as much time spend on these as the previous zLINE generation, the longevity and grip is even BETTER than the bespoke summer tire it replaces.  In several thousands of miles of track torture, the zLINE A/S exhibits as much as 80% better treadwear, with excellent resistance to chunking and chipping.

    Several of Nokian’s main innovations have gone into making this the go-to tire for a high performance car to handle whatever the world can throw at it.  Excellent water evacuation properties are presented by a variety of different siping techniques, and cooling edges on the sidewall add surface area to cool the tread carcass for longevity and grip in hot weather and a heavy right foot.  Available for cars and SUV’s, the latter of which feature an aramid fiber reinforcement to help the sidewall do double-duty in the safest way possible.

    • Performance oriented tread design allows the tire to maintain a balanced and logical road contact at all times.
    • Cooling edge sipes to increase cooling surface area provide better cooling to the hottest part of the tire, improving both handling and durability.
    • Dynamic traction boost full silica compound adapts to changes in temperature, resulting in excellent wet grip on every day of the year.
    • Underneath, the new Comfort Base compound provides unbeatable comfort on bumps and road cracks.
    • Noise reducing clinch rubber compound presses flexibly against the wheel flange, providing the bead area with more durability and minimises interior rolling noise.
    • Silent groove design adds golf ball like dimples along the sides of the tread blocks to allow air to pass through the tire easier, lowering noise levels as well as rolling resistance
    • Polished interior grooves allow snow and slush to slide out of the tire easily, preventing buildup from blocking the influx of new snow
    • Driving Safety Indicator shows the remaining tread depth without a depth gauge
    • Available in RunFlat for cars without a spare tire

    Nokian eNTYRE 2.0

    The Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 is made to be a comfortable touring tire with specific features to make it a fantastic choice for commuters and roadtrippers.  Able to handle well in warm dry weather, rain, and even light snow, these tires are capable of handling an entire (get it?) range of diverse situations on the road.  With a UTG of 720/A/A for 55 series sidewalls and up, and 580/A/A for series 50 and lower, these are made to do long miles and outlast the competition, and are available in a huge number of sizes.  If you are looking for a comfortable touring tire that will increase MPG’s, be nearly silent, handle great in the wet, and wear like iron, and be supremely cost effective…The Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 is your best bet!  Also available in SUV sizes within the same product line.

    Specific features:

    Nokian eNTYRE C/S *NEW*

    Nokian eNTYRE C/S

    An eNTYRE designed for CUVs and SUVs in all four seasons, the new all-season Nokian eNTYRE C/S features Nokian Tires’ latest technologies. Offering uncompromising performance, durability, comfort and safety on wet, snowy and dry surfaces, the eNTYRE C/S is a greast choice for your crossover or small SUV.

    Specific Features:

    • Aramid reinforced sidewalls for excellent puncture strength.
    • Locking sipes for predictable handling on all road surfaces.
    • Silent tread technology makes for a smooth ride around town or for road trips.

    -Light truck and SUV-

    Nokian Rotiiva AT and Rotiiva HT

    Nokian specializes in making heavy duty tires for extreme duty applications, such as 18 wheelers (or should I say Lorries), construction equipment, and even APC’s and other military vehicles.  Now, most of that is generally on the European side of the pond, but if you have a light truck or SUV that sees some work, Nokian Tire has something for you with the Rotiiva line.  There are two types of Rotiiva tires available: The Rotiiva AT which is designed for all-terrain expeditions in demanding conditions (our Land Rover customers would appreciate these greatly), as well as the Rotiiva HT which stands for Highway Tread.  As you can guess, the HT is more focused on the haul, and has features such as low rolling resistance, an aramid reinforced sidewall for large loads, and quiet tread technology.  However this tire also has features that allow it to go off road, in case it were to ever end, such as reinforced shoulders and stone ejectors to keep the tread clean of unwanted debris.  The AT all-terrain tire is designed to be excellent on asphalt, but also have exclusive features to help when the road goes away.

    Rotiiva HT (Highway Tread):

    Rotiiva AT (All-Terrain):


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  1. Stephen Goldberger

    I have used various Nokian models from even before there was an “n” in the name (which was put there to distinguish the tire business from the phone business). While Editor of NINES Magazine I reported on several of their models, from NRW “Four Season” snow tires to their “Z” rated performance summer tires. All proved excellent for their intended application. Most recently I mounted Z-Line tires to replace (not on a Saab) OE Low Rolling Resistance Michelins to correct a dangerous lack of traction on wet pavement. I couldn’t be more pleased. Besides safety on wet pavement, the ride and handling are signficantly improved, and the noise level is much lower. I commend eEuroparts for adding Nokian to their offerings.

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