Bilstein Shocks and Struts – Exactly What your Car Needs to Achieve Ultimate Grip

When most people think of car performance, they often get stuck on how fast a car can go, how many horsepower it produces at the wheels, and so on. However, one of the most important performance aspects of any vehicle is the way it handles. An excellent way to boost your car’s handling is to get a set of Bilstein shocks or struts.

This company has been at the top of automotive suspension design for decades now, offering world-class bolt-on upgrades that can completely transform a car.

Why Get Aftermarket Shocks?

Establishing a positive grip on the road surface is the core prerequisite for regular commuting, let alone performance driving. If you look at the area of the tire that’s actually in touch with the road, you’ll notice that it’s about the size of your hand. Keeping that relatively small patch of tire on the road is the job of shock absorbers.

A shock absorber is there to soak up any energy caused by bumps and potholes on the road. Although the idea behind this process is simple, it takes serious know-how to dampen the road imperfections efficiently.

So far, we’ve described baseline shock absorber performance that any shock should deliver. However, what about going a step further? Can you improve your car’s handling and performance by bolting on aftermarket shocks? The answer is a solid yes.


High-Performance Shocks and Struts

Shocks, especially in a coilover configuration, can significantly improve the way a car drives. Bilstein offers a full range of performance shocks and coilovers that allow you to fine-tune your suspension and set up the car to meet your needs.

A high-performance shock will reduce a car’s overall body roll, allowing you to negotiate corners with more speed. Additionally, performance suspension components can reduce the amount of pitch the vehicle experiences when accelerating or braking hard.

Shock Absorber Kit - Rear (w/ Standard Suspension)
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Bilstein Street Performance Suspension

Every company has that one line of products that has made it famous. For Bilstein, it’s their Street Performance series of shocks. This is where you’ll find the legendary Bilstein B6 and Bilstein B8 shocks.

In addition to these, the Street Performance section also features coilver kits such as the B14 and EVO Series that push suspension tuning to a whole new level.

Suspension Strut Assembly Kit - Front
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Bilstein B6

Bilstein B6 is the bread and butter of aftermarket OE compatible shock absorbers. It’s a monotube design that features Bilstein’s gas pressure technology. You can find B6 shocks for just about any car make and model on the European side of the house.

As far as performance goes, B6 isn’t the sportiest shock out there, but it absolutely brings a dose of increased fidelity. You can run B6 shocks with or without lowering springs while still reaping the benefits.

Shock Absorber - Rear (B6 HD)
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Bilstein B8

Next, we have the B8. This shock is similar to the B6, with one key difference – it was designed to be lowered. B8 works excellent with a whole range of lowering springs, allowing you to get a lower center of gravity while still retaining solid driving characteristics. B8 is also a monotube gas shock that is OE compatible.

Shock Absorber Kit - Front and Rear (B8 Performance Plus)
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What is Bilstein B12 Pro Kit?

The B12 package has been a source of confusion for many potential users. Here’s the breakdown of what B12 stands for. It’s a kit that includes B6 or B8 shocks that can be lowered up to 40 mm. More importantly, the shocks in these kits come paired up with custom-tailored EIBACH springs.

In other words, if you’re looking for a plug and play solution that will allow you to lower your ride, a B12 Pro Kit is the way to go.


Personalized Perfection – Bilstein B14

A step up from the B12 kit is a set of B14 shocks. Much like the B12, these are also monotube gas coilovers that pack a custom-tailored spring. However, there’s one key difference – B14 is a fully adjustable model.

It allows you to set the ride height anywhere from 30 mm to 50 mm lower than OE while also choosing how stiff the ride will be. This is made possible thanks to Bilstein’s Threaded Body technology that brings a flexible adjustable range.

B14 may be a street performance coilover, but it has been track tested and certified. If you’re looking for a serious piece of aftermarket suspension, this is definitely it.

Suspension Strut and Coil Spring Assembly - Front (Standard Suspension) (B4 OE Replacement)
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What Sets Bilstein Apart from Others?

Building a good shock or a strut isn’t too difficult. Building an exceptional one is a different story. Bilstein has always been known for its cutting edge performance, but also the price of their products. Fortunately for everyone, you get what you pay for and then some with this brand.

One part of the reason why some of these shocks and struts come with a high price tag are the technologies involved in making Bilstein products. This German giant is constantly developing new means of improving vehicle handling on and off the track, on and off the road.

When you buy Bilstein shocks or struts, you’re buying quality products based on advanced technologies and decades of cumulative experience. There’s a reason why this company’s name can be found on a variety of track cars. They simply know how to keep a vehicle on the road and stable even at high speeds.


Where Can I Find Bilstein Products?

Here at, we’re proud to offer a wide range of Bilstein OEM and performance shock absorbers. To find out which products from this brand fit your car, all you have to do is input your vehicle’s info into our navigation tool.

Once our system crunches the data, you’ll be presented with a list of items that match your search query. In case you are not sure which shock to go with or whether a specific strut fits your vehicle, Our customer support service is standing by to offer whatever assistance you might need

. Our reps are all car people, just like yourself, and will understand exactly what you’re looking for.


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