The EQG Concept, or The Immortality of Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The legendary G-Wagen is one of the longest running production cars that is still being made. First presented back in 1979 in Toulon, France, the G-Wagen quickly captured the hearts of off-road enthusiasts and military masterminds alike. Even though a lot has changed since 1979, the overall idea behind the G hasn’t. It’s still the same old brick with the same old impressive off-road capabilities.

Now, in 2021, Mercedes-Benz has announced a new concept that should take the legendary Gelandewagen into the new age. Labeled EQG, this new project represents a case study of an all electric G-Class.

mercedes benz eqg 2

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG
Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Same Shape, Different Beast

The boxy shape of the G-Wagen is the perfect example of the old “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” adage. All Mercedes engineers had to do was align this timeless design the idea of electric vehicles. In other words, they’ve packed the EQG with all kinds of exterior LEDs, LED strips and various “electric” accents.

However, it’s the two-tone paint job that gives this concept a truly futuristic look. You’re looking at a piano black top paired with what appears to be glossy, polished aluminum texture down at the bottom. Appearance wise, the fans of the original G-Wagen might need some time to acclimate to the new look, but it grows on you the more you look at it.

Even Lower Center of Mass

mercedes benz eqg 1

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG
Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

The OG G-Wagen was and still is an incredible off-roader. There are numerous reasons why, but most come down to its independent front suspension, fixed rear axle, an awesome drive train, and most importantly — a low center of mass.

Although we still don’t know what will power the EQG, we can deduce a few obvious conclusions. Being a 4×4 vehicle, the EQG will most like have four motors, one per each wheel. The battery pack will most likely sit between the beams of the ladder chassis.

All of this indicates that the EQG will have an even lower center of mass, thus in theory allowing this vehicle to handle pretty rough inclines with ease. In fact, this could very well be the first truly capable EV off-roader on the market, when it comes out.

Expected to By The End of the Decade

Despite causing a fair bit of hype with the reveal of EQG concept, Mercedes-Benz is keeping this project on a slow burner. The company spokespeople said that EQG will enter production sometimes by the end of the decade.
It’s no secret that this particular project greatly depends on the success or failure of the EQ drivetrain technology that Mercedes is developing for its EV segment. A few right moves in that game could bring us the EQG well before 2030.

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