The New All-Terrain C-Class Is Officially On Its Way

The upcoming September International Motor Show in Munich is already hinting at several interesting reveals. One of them is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain estate.

The popular German automotive giant is looking to repeat the somewhat successful launch of a similarly adapted E-Class in 2017. The new car is packed with all kinds of goodies and should be capable of stepping off the beaten path.

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Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Filling the Gap

SUVs are to North America what estates are to Europe. Both continents have their preferences, and Mercedes-Benz has recognized a market where the two overlap. The first model to test these waters was the All-Terrain E-Class estate back in 2017, with its AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension and significantly higher ride height.

Now, Mercedes-Benz is looking to offer a similar vehicle to those looking for a more compact estate. The all-new All-Terrain C-Class is set to be officially revealed at the International Motor Show in Munich this September.

Sport Utility in a Compact Estate

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Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Back in the day, all-terrain crossovers were rarely more than just lifted regular models. The drivetrains were mostly the same, and so was the overall available equipment. The team from Stuttgart had something else on mind.

The new All-Terrain C-Class comes equipped with unique bumpers that accentuate its off-road nature, 4MATIC all-wheel drive, a special off-roading light that comes as an option, and a whole selection of cool features.

Compared to a standard C-Class estate, the All-Terrain version is somewhat larger as well. Future buyers of this model will get larger wheels compared to the standard C-Class Estate.

Most importantly, the car will feature 40 mm extra ground clearance, which should bolster its all-terrain capabilities. Mercedes has fitted this C-Class with a suspension package that delivers comfort to compensate for any and all off-road adventures — all while claiming impeccable road handling.

That being said, hardware isn’t the only area where the new C-Class is different from its standard counterpart. Engineers from Stuttgart have also added two extra DYNAMIC SELECT modes to the car. One is called OFFROAD that is optimized for light off-road activities, while the other is called OFFROAD+. Selecting this mode will push the car’s ESP and 4MATIC systems to become more agile when handling steep grades and loose surfaces.

A Modern Hybrid

mercedes c class all terrain 3

Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes will offer the All-Terrain C-Class with types of engines — a standard diesel and a hybrid gasoline engine.

The latter features a 4-cylinder main motor that is paired with an ISG or an integrated second-generation starter-generator. Designated as M254, the new engine will allow drivers to boost their power with an extra 15 kW for short durations of time.

We’re yet to see how this capable C-Class estate will compare in global markets, but the concept itself could be the perfect answer for a compact SUV alternative.

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