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Windshield wipers are one of those things many drivers don’t pay much attention to until they need them. Almost everyone has found themselves in a massive storm only to realize that their wipers aren’t working all that well. Long story short, it’s important to have a good set of modern blades on your windshield, and one of the best you can get are Valeo wiper blades

Valeo is a company that is pushing innovation through a wide range of automotive products. They are the type of brand to develop seemingly simple things such as wiper blades and take them to a whole new level.

Valeo windshield blades

Discover the World of Valeo Wiper Blades

The world has come a long way from the old, rickety wipers that we’ve seen on cars up until a few decades ago. Back then, windshield wipers were nothing more than means of getting ‘most’ of the water or snow out of your view as you drive. However, it wasn’t long before the entire industry realized just what kind of an impact a pair of wipers could have on driver’s safety.

Why Valeo

Valeo runs a wide range of blades in their current offer. The real question is, what makes these blades so special, and why should you trust this brand to keep your windshield clean? To answer these questions, we have to take a more in-depth look into Valeo’s technologies as well as solutions they’ve applied to their range of windshield wipers. 

The Valeo “FIRST” Pyramid

One of the more recent developments in Valeo’s wiper program is the FIRST Pyramid system. FIRST is a trifecta of technologies aimed at delivering outstanding performance and keeping the rain away from your windshield. The FIRST Pyramid consists of the Tec 3 advanced rubber compounds, the 3D Air Control backbone design, and the multi-connection mounts.

Tec 3 Advanced Rubber Compounds

If there is one part of the blade that is prone to wear, it’s the rubber. This comes as no surprise considering that it’s the part that comes into contact with the windshield and everything on it. Valeo’s Tec 3 advanced rubber compounds represent the Tec 2 compound evolution they’ve used until recently.

What makes Tec 3 so special is the synthetic formula. Valeo has invested a decent amount of effort in perfecting a compound that can withstand the onslaught of UV rays and environmental effects such as temperature, humidity, and more. The result of that work is a rubber blade that won’t become brittle or stiff up due to exposure, which translates to reduced performance.

Instead, you are getting a durable blade capable of dealing with all kinds of weather while still taking away all of the water and debris from your field of view. Additionally, this blade is quiet. You’ll find that FIRST wipers are generally less noisy than most other options on the market. 

Discover the World of Valeo Wiper Blades

3D Air Control

As metal backbone wipers slowly disappeared from the markets, we saw the onset of so-called beam wipers. The main difference here is the lack of a clunky, metal frame. The old design had issues with providing uniform pressure all along the blade as it focused most of the downward force at the ends of the wiper. With beam wipers, the pressure is uniformly applied thanks to an integrated spring-like system.

However, this design isn’t without its flaws. Having so much material around the blade itself has uncovered wind drag problems that would start manifested at highway speeds. Different brands applied different solutions to address this. Valeo went with the 3D Air Control system.

They’ve designed an aerodynamic backbone of the wiper that serves as a spoiler of sorts. The entire design utilizes the increased airflow, turning it into a downward pressure. What’s truly impressive is the fact that they’ve managed to maintain this effect while the wipers are in use.

Windshield Wiper Blade - Front (20in)
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Multi-Connection Mounts

Valeo offers their wipers in several options when it comes to mounts. They have versions that utilize the standard hook connection, but also the multi-connection mount. The benefit of the latter is improved ease of use as well as a more secure connection. 

With that said, their standard hook mounts are just as good when used under normal conditions. To figure out which one matches your car, you’ll have to take a look at your wiper arms and see what type of mount is installed on it. 

Windshield Wiper Blade Set - Front (22in) (Aerodynamic)
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Full Range of Quality Wiper Blades

The features and technologies we’ve mentioned above are just a part of what this company offers. Valeo is continuously evolving their designs to improve the performance and durability of their products. In addition to the FIRST range of wipers, you’ll also find the HydroConnect series as well as the Valeo Silencio series of wipers. Each of these model ranges offers a slightly different experience.

However, all of them share the core technologies that make Valeo’s wipers worth the investment. Get yourself a set of Valeo blades and enjoy the improved visibility no matter how hard it’s raining outside.  

Windshield Wiper Blade Set - Front
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Finding the Right Valeo Wiper Blade for Your Car

If you’re interested in finding the right Valeo wiper for your vehicle, head over to our online store, once there, all you have to do is input your car’s make model and year into our navigation tool. It will show you which products fit your vehicle!

Alternatively, you can also choose to use our VIN tool by typing in your car’s VIN. This is perhaps the most accurate way of finding the products that are guaranteed to match your vehicle. Keep in mind that we currently support only US VIN numbers.

In an off chance that you can’t find the information or products you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with our customer support. You can reach us via email at our contact page, or via phone. Our customer service representatives are standing by to help.

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