Bentley Celebrates 70 Years of Design with Heritage Paints

Crewe, UK – Bentley’s design department at Crewe is celebrating a very special date. The team in question has been responsible for some of the most iconic Bentley models, and their department is turning 70 this year. In order to mark the occasion, the company has prepared a number of paint options that will be applied to select cars built by Mulliner. These, however, are not just any car paints.

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Photo courtesy: Bentley

Straight from the Archives

Bentley’s history is rich with unique cars, avant-garde technical solutions, but also an impressive collection of paints. This luxurious car manufacturer is known for leaving nothing to chance, which is why the color schemes and paints they offered were always something else.

The preparations for the 70 years anniversary has given the design team a great reason to go into the archives and select several classic, vintage paints from their extensive collection. Bentley offers almost 15 classic colors as part of the Mulliner and Extended palette that is now available.

Heritage Colors

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Photo courtesy: Bentley

Although the entire palette offers unique slices of Bentley’s rich history, four colors stand out. Bentley calls these the “Heritage” colors, and they include the Old English White, Claret, Oxford Blue and Dove Grey.

Old English White is a unique type of rich white that has been around since the ‘50s. This color was found on just every type of vehicle Bentley has produced back in the day, and is a truly timeless tone.

The “Heritage” colors also feature a dash of royal class. Namely, the Claret is an exclusive color scheme designed for the 2002 Golden Jubilee Bentley — the one belonging to Queen Elizabeth II. This color was based on the Royal Claret, which was used as a trademark paint job for all of this company’s cars used in Royal services.

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Photo courtesy: Bentley

Mulliner Specials

Customers who wish to get a custom Bentley sporting one of the four “Heritage” colors, will have their order completed by Mulliner – the custom department of Bentley. It is not known how long Milliner and Extended palette will be available, nor how many orders Bentley plans on accepting within this special run. With a little bit of luck, we could see these incredible vintage paints as a part of Bentley’s regular offer.

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