Bonanza Interview with the Winner: Maddyx Chiropteran and his Freya

BMW E46 is arguably one of the most successful models to come from this automotive giant in recent times. It brought the raw driving experience of its legendary predecessors and channeled it through a prism of modern design. It’s been over two decades since the first E46 left the factory floor in Germany. Yet, it’s still difficult to find a BMW that hits that same spot and fills the void left behind by this car. With that said, there’s one thing that’s better than a stock E46 – an E46 with a unique story.

Come meet our first Bonanza winner, Maddyx Chiropteran and his lovely Freya. Even though she was basically left for dead, he picked her up and gave her a new lease of life. Now they spent most of the time together, cruising around, taking trips to Deer Creek Canyon, and ripping up tires at the track.

bonanza winner

1. Tell us a bit more about your car: how old is it, and have you made any modifications?

My car is now twenty years old, and I have made extensive mods. I purchased her as a shell with no engine or transmission for $500 and swapped in an updated M54B30 and a Getrag 420G 6-speed out of the E46 M3.

The list of modifications:

  • M54B30 Bottom end
  • M54B30 Forged one-piece crank & forged internals
  • B28 Ported head
  • 330 Exhaust cam
  • M50 Intake manifold
  • Toyota SC14 Supercharger
  • 42lb Injectors
  • Aeromotive 340 fuel pump
  • Conforti Shark Intake
  • Catless Headers
  • Mishimoto Coolant hoses
  • Oil Catch Can
  • OEM ZHP Exhaust w/ Magnaflow Muffler
  • M56 SULEV Valve Cover
  • Getrag 420G 6-speed from an M3
  • ECS Stage 1 Clutch
  • 3.46 Rear Gear

bmw e46 customized

  • ZHP Short Shifter
  • 18×9 Cosmis XT206Rs in Hyper Bronze
  • Continental DWS06 Tires
  • Hand-tuned by Tag Team Tuning (a brand consisting of myself and a friend)
  • Redline bumped to 7300RPM
  • Hard Rev Cut
  • Fuel cut Overrun enabled
  • Launch control mapped
  • Braum racing seats
  • M4 spoiler shaved and made custom to fit
  • CNC’ed shifter to allow the threaded knob
  • Braum harness bar
  • STL Roof spoiler
  • Retrofit source pod brights
  • Porsche Panamera switchback halos
  • JL Audio door and deck speakers
  • Harman Larson tweeters
  • Eonon touch screen head unit

bmw e46 winner

2. What is your profession?

I’m a Network Engineer for an IT company specializing in hospitality solutions.

3. How did your love affair with cars begin and what was your first car?

My dad had an air-cooled 911 when I was very young and some of my fondest memories are of being dropped off for school in it. Fast forward to college and I received a 2005 Honda CR-V as a company car for the company I was with. I took it in for an oil change and the lube shop drained the coolant too for whatever reason. Afterward, I decided to only work on my cars myself, and I found out I absolutely loved it.
winner bonanza

4. Where did you two meet?

Freya (my E46) was bought by a friend of mine after he hydro locked his 328i coupe in FL. He pulled the engine and trans and swapped them into his car but left the shell sitting in his yard through hurricane Irma, where she was coated in dirt and seemingly left to rot. I had had a Subaru at the time and the motor went, I needed a new car to drive right away and struck a deal with him for the shell in his yard and his old hydro locked motor (which I kept the head from.) Cobbled together a B30 bottom end and got the motor together.
winner e46 bonanza bmw eeuroparts

5. What do you like the most about your car?

The energy she carries with her. I’ve gotten the “now, I normally don’t like BMWs..” line so often I’ve lost count, and it brings joy to my heart to have had the opportunity to impart a piece of myself into this car and to bring her to life in a way that so many other people can also, enjoy.

6. What’s the best time you’ve had with it?

Track days. Being able to push her to her limits and really learn as a driver is a rush I can’t get enough of. That and cruising with friends, that’s always a fun time.

winner e46 bmw

7. Where is the perfect drive that best matches your car?

There is a road towards the mountains known as Deer Creek Canyon, it is one of my favorites to run when I’m bored, stressed, etcetera. It’s got the perfect mix of hairpins, sweeping curves, and even a few straights!

8. What would you say to your car’s original designer?

I would tell them they made an icon that is absolutely a future classic, and a beautiful machine all around.
bonanza e46

9. If you could pick just one perfect passenger, who would it be?

Nobody! My car is my thinking and decompressing space, and having that space is very valuable to me.

10. What does the future hold – will you replace it with something else?

After I get the supercharger dialed in on 8lb of boost, that will basically be the end of the build, save for maybe more cosmetics, e85, and some harnesses to hold me better into my bucket seats. I have been looking at other cars as a new daily, but I will be keeping Freyaforever!

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