MANN Filter – Keeping the Automotive Industry Running Since 1941

Modern cars truly are the sum of their parts. Every little system and component matters. We often see cars are gems of mechanical engineering, completely forgetting that these hunks of aluminum and steel, made using surgically accurate machining methods, rely on various fluids to work.

Keeping these fluids clean is a crucial job, which is something MANN Filter company knows all about. This German giant is a well-known name in the automotive industry and has been offering its superior filters to every market segment since 1941. Here’s why MANN Filter is at the top of the food chain in its respective niche.

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Why Filters Matter?

Internal combustion engines are a true marvel of human ingenuity and engineering. We’ve made this precision-machined device that is harnessing such violent forces and ultimately propelling the entire world forward. The complexity involved is staggering.

Achieving any level of performance in an ICE engine is a game of strict tolerances. This applies both to distances between metal components and the amount of debris in various liquids.

Friction is an enemy of any mechanical device. It’s a necessary evil. Engineers and manufacturers have recognized that introducing various lubricants is the only way to keep the contact between different metal components under control.

Even so, some friction is always occurring. No matter how good a lubricant is, this constant friction will cause contamination and degradation over time. Running a highly contaminated oil increases the contact between the engine’s metal parts, thus leading to expedited wear of key components.

Engine oil has to offer protection and lubrication to various components for thousands of miles. That same oil is circulated through the engine thousands of times until it finally picks up so much debris that it degrades and no longer prevents excessive contact between surfaces. This happens to all oils, including high-quality engine oils from Motul and other brands.

The moment you introduce debris to a complex device full of components that spin thousands of times per minute, you’re introducing an unknown variable. The results of debris ingress can vary from worn out parts to complete catastrophic breakdown of key components. MANN Filter - Keeping the Automotive Industry Running Since 1941

Oil, Air, and Fuel – MANN Filter’s Bread and Butter

Oil is just one of the liquids that require constant filtering. The same applies to fuel. Your average batch of fuel visits several places between leaving the refinery and finding its new home in your gas tank. It’s not unheard of for fuel to catch all kinds of debris along the way. Not only that, but your gas tank itself could be full of contaminants.

Having an efficient and quality made fuel filter is a must if you want your engine to run within factory parameters.

Moving past liquids, air plays a significant role in every engine’s performance. The air quality that enters the engine can have an important impact on several engine parameters. MANN offers a complete line of high-quality air filters that are fitted with their latest filtration technologies.

The same applies to cabin air filters. A cabin air filter is one of those components that are often ignored when it’s time to perform regular service. This is true although changing the cabin air filter is easy on most cars. However, your choice of a cabin air filter can have a serious impact on your health. MANN Offers a variety of different cabin air filters capable of reducing your exposure to pollen, organic contaminants, and much more.

Changing both of the air filters on time will keep you and your engine breathing clean, uncontaminated air!

Oil, Air, and Fuel - MANN Filter's Bread and Butter

Why MANN Filter Products?

Manufacturing high-quality filters require far more engineering than most think. Your average oil filter, for example, has to achieve the optimal flow of oil while still the highest percentage of debris along the way.

The main difference between low-quality and high-quality oil filter is in the filtration media. MANN Filter is constantly pushing the filtration media technology to its absolute limits. MANN’s filters are known for offering high filtration rates in both low volume and high volume filters.

One way they’re achieving such results is the amount of filtering media that is found in each of the filters they offer. MANN Filter packs their oil filters with approximately 40% more filtration media than most other brands on the market.

Speaking of filtration media, MANN runs fully synthetic media, while some of their filters use synthetic media reinforced with cellulose. Such hybrid media achieves a perfect combination of synthetic precision and organic filtration properties.

More importantly, the filtering media that is used by MANN Filter is capable of handling the chemical composition of modern synthetic lubricants without losing any of its filtration properties.

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Optimal Pleat Geometry

Every filter, whether it’s an oil, fuel, or air filter, has pleats. The way filtration media pleats are spaced and laid out in a filter impacts its efficiency. MANN Filter’s advanced pleat technology allows them to orient the pleats in such a way that ensures optimal geometry and, therefore, optimal surface area exposure.

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MANN Filter Housing Design

The next most important aspect of an oil filter is the housing design. Your average screw-on oil filter does much more than simply contain the filtration media. The housing provides mechanical protection to the filter’s internals while simultaneously preventing any leaks.

In case the oil filter gets clogged either due to being too contaminated or other reasons, it puts the whole engine at risk. MANN Filter housing design includes a bypass valve designed to let the unfiltered oil pass through the filter if the media is too contaminated. That way, your engine is getting the lubrication it needs. While this safety feature exists on other brands of filters, MANN Filter is one of the industry’s rare players who offer utmost reliability in this regard.

Fuel Filter Canister MANN Filter Housing Design

German Quality Control

Quality control is a tell-tale sign of any company’s dedication to its customers and trade. MANN Filter being a part of MANN+HUMMEL understands that high-quality manufacturing products don’t mean much if the quality control isn’t at the same level.

Although the whole ‘German engineering and quality‘ adage sounds somewhat worn out by now, it is a perfect representation of the rules MANN plays by. If you were to break apart three different MANN filters, you’d find that all three have the same level of uniformity.

If we’re looking at oil filters, the housing of all three will be smooth and clear of burrs. The filtration media will be abundant and uniform as well, thus offering the same filtration properties no matter which part of the pleat is exposed to oil.

The quality control standards in MANN Filter plants are setting the standards for the rest of the industry. Going with a MANN filter for your vehicle is a proven way to protect your engine from getting in contact with contaminants and yourself from breathing in impure air.

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How Can I Find a MANN Filter Product For My Vehicle?

MANN Filter currently offers a wide range of products aimed at both commercial and passenger vehicle segments of the market. We are proud to be a part of this company’s distribution network. To find a filter that matches your vehicle, head over to our store, select your vehicle from the menu, and our system will show you all of the MANN filters that fit your inquiry.

In case you find yourself stuck between two products, or if you can’t find a MANN Filter for your European vehicle, feel free to contact our customers support service. We have a team of car enthusiasts standing by to offer their professional opinion and point you in the right direction.

Give MANN Filter products a try and find out why this German titan is the leading brand in automotive filtration technologies.


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