Motul Oil for BMW Engine – When German Engineering Meets French Innovation

Choosing the right lubricant can mean a difference between pain-free ownership and constant engine troubles. This is especially true with German cars. BMW engines are among those that don’t really take well to substandard lubricants. 

Needless to say, your choice of engine oils matters. Motul is a brand with a long history of excellence and innovation. Motul oil is among the best lubricants for any BMW engine and they are also one of the few that are recommended by BMW. Today we’re going to learn all about them!

From New York to France

Motul’s story is an interesting one that is full of twists and turns. Despite being one of the most famous French brands in the world, this company has a distinctly American origin. Motul was founded in New York back in 1853. At the time, the company was known for making whale oil of all things and was owned by the Rockefeller Group. Come 1919, and the company was acquired by Swan-Finch, who ended up running the company and expanding the business.

By now, the company was making lubricants for metalworking. During this expansion period, Motul had exported its first batch of products to Europe. At one point or another, it came across the Zaugg family, who became the official distributor for France. Sometime later, the Zaugg family bought the company and got rid of the Swan-Finch name. From that point on, Motul was simply Motul.

The first thing Zauggs did was move the entire operation to France. They quickly opened up production and started working on new lubricants. Zaugg’s ownership marks a point in this company’s history where it has completely turned towards the automotive industry.

World War II was rough on the production as it was on everyone else at the time. Yet as soon as it was over, the company sprung back into action and went deep with research & development of new technologies. What followed was the world’s first multigrade motor oil in 1953, followed by the world’s first semi-synthetic oil in 1966 and lastly, the world’s first fully synthetic oil in 1971.

During this period, Motul decided to get heavily involved in motorsports. The brass leading the company realized that the track is a perfect place to push the limits of their lubricants and learn what works and what doesn’t. Such dedication to performance has yielded several important technologies and products.

Motul hasn’t left the track since. They’ve become the official partner of the BMW M Motorsports team in 2020, which leads us to Motul oils for BMW engines.

Motul Oil – Tradition of Excellence and Quality

Motul Oils for BMW Engines

BMW enjoys a reputation for building high-performance cars that achieve said performance thanks to precision engineering and innovative, yet sometimes complex technologies. In other words, BMW engines are not indifferent to the type of lubricant you use in them. So much so that BMW is very picky when it comes to which lubricants they endorse.

Motul is one of the few that made the cut. Being on the cutting edge of lubricant development probably had something to do with it. We are proud to say that we offer a wide range of Motul oils, lubricants, and other fluids for BMW as well as other cars.

As far as our BMW line goes, there’s plenty to cover.

Motul 8100 Series Fully Synthetic Oils

With engines becoming more and more complex, every car manufacturer is coming up with a set of niche requirements when it comes to lubricants. As a result, different oil manufacturers are forced to design lubricants that match those engine specs. Except for Motul, that is.

What this company achieved with its 8100 series of fully synthetic engine oils is nothing short of ingenious. They’ve designed a whole line of engine oils that match a whole range of manufacturers’ specs, and BMW is one of them.

8100 series oils come in several different flavors. The ones that match BMW specs are the X-Clean, X-Max and, X-Cess series. Let’s do a quick overview of what these oils have to offer.

Motul 8100 X-Max 0W-40 (BMW LL-01)

X-Max oil from the 8100 series is 100% synthetic oil designed to improve fuel economy as well as better oil distribution at cold temperatures. The 0W-40 blend, in particular, greatly minimizes hydrodynamic oil friction, which allows it to offer better protection on cold starts. With X-Max 0W-40, Motul has found a great balance between fuel economy and lubrication properties.

The LL-01, or Long Life 01 designation means that this lubricant fits BMW specs for cars made between 2001 to 2004. It’s suitable for use in both gas and diesel engines, whether they are naturally aspirated or turbocharged. It’s worth mentioning that it’s also backward compatible with LL-98 spec, making it suitable for use in older BMWs. On the other hand, if you’re driving a newer BMW car made after 2004, you’ll need to get the X-Cess 5W-40 or LL-04 designated Motul oils.

Engine Oil Change Kit (0W-40) (5 Liter) (X-MAX 8100)
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Motul 8100 X-Cess 5W-40 (BMW LL-01)

This blend is another LL-01 compliant lubricant. However, this one brings a slightly different composition. For starters, it’s suitable for use in BMW made up to 2018, thus covering a large percentage of models on the road today.

8100 X-Cess 5W-40 is another fully synthetic, high-performance lubricant that brings strong detergents and an improved fuel economy. Additionally, this blend is capable of sustaining high temperatures without losing any of its properties. Outstanding engine protection and lubrication comes as standard.

Engine Oil Change Kit (5W-40) (7 Liter) (X-CESS 8100)
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Motul 8100 X-Clean 5W-40 EFE (BMW LL-04)

The last from the 8100 series we’d like to show you is the X-Clean 5W-40 EFE that bears the BMW’s LL-04 internal designation. What sets this lubricant apart from the one that we’ve already mentioned is the low concentration of sulfated ash, phosphorus, and sulfur.

Low SAPS concentration is a ley feature in oils made for modern engines designed to be ecofriendly. In fact, BMW recommends the use of these lubricants in their cars built up until 2019. For 2020 models, you’ll have to get a different lubricant.

Engine Oil (5w30) (1 Liter) (X-Clean 8100)
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Specific Series

Aside from the 8100 series, Motul also makes a line of BMW specific oils. This is where you’ll run into to blends such as the:

  • Specific LL-01 FE 5W30 – Long Life 01 FE 5W30 is BMW and MINI specific engine oil that is designed for better fuel economy. It meets the BMW’s LL-01 specs and is compatible with select engines. Aside from lowering fuel consumption, Specific LL-01 brings good viscosity and creates a strong film covering the internals of the engine. As a result, it’s significantly reducing engine wear over time.
  • Specific LL-12 FE 0W-30 – Similar to the other Specific series lubricants on the list, LL-12 FE also brings improved fuel economy as well as enhanced engine protection. However, this lubricant was designed for use in high-performance engines, meaning that it can take the extra stress that usually occurs in such engines.

Overall, whether you go with the Specific or 8100 series, your BMW engine will be better for it. In case you want something really special, there’s always the 300V series of lubricants that are specifically designed for niche, high-performance applications. 

This is an ester-based oil geared to bring maximum power while significantly reducing friction within the engine. However, due to its nature, these oils are changed every 3,000 miles making it a real choice.

Engine Oil (0w30) (1 Liter) (Specific LL-12 FE)
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BMW Compatible Fluids

Engine lubricants are not the only thing Motul makes. This company also offers some of the best brake fluids on the market at the moment. Their DOT 5.1 is a must-have choice for those who want good brake performance. This fluid is explicitly designed to work well with modern ABS systems. Its viscosity allows it to get in every nook and cranny of the ABS, which translates to faster ABS response and thus better braking performance.

This company also makes a wide range of transmission and differential lubricants. MOTYLGEAR is definitely at the top of the line with its high lubrication ability and SAE grades that allow for optimal heat management during strenuous use.

Overall, trusting Motul to take care of your Beemer is a safe bet, especially if you’re interested in prolonging the life of your car. The lubricants we’ve mentioned above will keep your baby firing on all cylinders for years to come.

Differential Gear Oil (75w90) (1 Liter) (MOTYLGEAR)
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How to Find the Right Product for Your BMW?

We’ve covered quite a few lubricants above, which can be confusing. To find out which of these matches your car, go to our online store and input your car’s specs into our navigation tool. Once done, select lubricants, and you’ll get a complete list of lubricants and other fluids that are a match for your BMW. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service, and we’ll get you sorted out! Our reps are standing by to answer any questions you might have.

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