Volvo Engine Oil Guide – Improve Your Volvo’s Longevity with Motul

Owning a Volvo is a personal statement. This brand chose to build its reputation through painstaking dedication to quality and safety – an ongoing process that has made them popular among a specific segment of drivers. Those who choose Volvo are doing so because they want the security of knowing that their cars are built to last. With that said, any Volvo is only as good as the quality of maintenance it receives from its owner.

Finding the right engine oil for your Volvo is crucial if you want to maintain that well trademark reliability this brand is known for. Our oil brand of choice is Motul, and here’s why we think you should consider it for your next oil change.

Motul Oil – Tradition of Excellence and Quality

Discover Motul’s Fully Synthetic Engine Oils

Motul is one of those brands that have a long history of delivering high-quality products, just like Volvo. They’re not the only oil manufacturer out there, but they are one of the rare few that are constantly innovating the industry. Motul has been involved in top tier motorsports since the mid-’50s and has used all of the lessons learned on the track to produce oils that improve the performance in the streets.

Over time, Motul’s fully synthetic oils became synonymous with quality and endurance. Just like many other car brands, Volvo has supplied Motul with a list of requirements and specifications their oils need to meet. As a result, we have several types of Motul engine oils that are certified by Volvo and are on the recommended list.

Motul 8100 Eco-nergy 0W30 Synthetic Oil

Motul’s 8100 series of engine oils was and still is one of the best families of synthetic oils on the market. What Motul has done is ingenious, to say the least. They’ve managed to meet the specifications set by various car brands with a single line of products. In other words, they’ve created a blend of fully synthetic oil that not only meet but exceed the requirements set by car various car manufacturers. 

One of the oils from the 8100 that is recommended by Volvo is the Motul 8100 Eco-nergy 0W30, although Motul 8100 Eco-nergy 5W30 promises pretty much the same results.  Volvo’s internal designation for this lubricant is 952003377. Designed for use in gasoline and diesel engines built from 2004 and onward, this oil offers improved support to turbocharged and naturally aspirated motors. Motul’s Eco-nergy line of 8100 oils is also geared towards better fuel economy, meaning that you might squeeze more MPGs from your Volvo.

It meets Volvo’s recommendations and combines the 0W30 performance with ACEA A5/B5 standards by treating your Volvo up with Motul 8100 Eco-nergy 0W30, and you’ll ensure that your engine gets long-term care it deserves, greatly postponing the need to pull the engine apart and build it back up.

Engine Oil (5w30) (5 Liter) (ECO-Nergy 8100)
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Volvo Drive-E Motors and Why Proper Lubrication Matters

Drive-E engines are a bit more demanding than the series of Volvo motors that came before them. Built to deliver more power and better efficiency, these engines generally operate under more stressful conditions compared to older motors. As such, the Drive-E series of turbocharged engines are all about maintenance. You need to use the right lubricants and fluids to keep everything moving smoothly and enjoy the benefits this engine build is known for.

What About Older Volvo Models?

So far, we’ve covered oils and lubricants that were specifically designed for more recent Volvo models. What about the older generations, the 800, 900 series? In case your Volvo is legally allowed to buy its own alcohol in most of the United States, Motul recommends the 6100 Synergie+ 10W-40 oil.

This line of lubricants belongs to the High-Performance Technosynthese family of oils. As such, it brings reduced oil consumption, better resistance to wear and improved high-mileage performance. It should go without saying that older engines require better care and frequent oil change in order to stay in shape.

Even though a decent percentage of vintage Volvos are still going strong, they deserve good lubricants that will keep them on the streets for years to come.

MOTUL 6100 Synergie + Engine Oil 10W40 5 Liter
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Motul Brake Fluids and Transmission Oils 

Although engine oils are important, Motul also offers a wide range of other fluids that meet Volvo’s strict requirements. Motul’s Dot 5.1 brake fluids have proven to be the perfect combo of price and performance. You’re looking at a special formula that was designed for use in sensitive ABS systems, all while having the dry boiling point of 516°F. 

Brake Fluid (DOT 5.1) (500ml)
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If you own a manual Volvo, Motul recommends their Motylgear 75W-80 with its high lubrication coefficient that greatly reduces the gearbox wear. This transmission fluid also has a positive effect on fuel economy, so you can expect a slightly better gas mileage. 

Differential Gear Oil (75w80) (1 Liter) (MOTYLGEAR)
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Why Motul?

There are many companies that make engine oils and lubricants, so why Motul? While this statement is correct, we’ve found that Motul is one of the rare brands that deliver precisely what they advertise. If Motul says a specific line of oil is fully synthetic, you don’t have to worry about it actually being a blend of mineral and synthetic oils. Additionally, Motul’s oil change intervals are also accurate.

That’s just the basic reason why we feel Motul is the way to go. More importantly, this company takes innovation and quality control very seriously. They understand that engine protection is key to both performance and economy.

Motul and Volvo are very similar in this way. Both brands put quality and reliability above all, which is exactly why they work so well together. If you decide to run your Volvo on Motul’s oil, you’ll find that it improves the already great performance of your engine.

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Here at eEuroparts, we offer a complete line of Motul oils, lubricants, and fluids. If you’re not sure which Motul product to get for your Volvo, feel free to give us a call. Our support reps are standing by to answer any and all questions you might have!

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