10 Common W210 E-Class Mercedes Parts Problems

Today we take a look at common Mercedes-Benz parts problems for the w210 E-Class. Mercedes’ E-class W210 version is a popular customer car here at eEuroparts.com. A full sized executive car, the W210 had the challenging task of replacing the famously robust W124 Mercedes chassis. Production ran for eight years, beginning in July of 1995 and ending in March of 2003. This Mercedes Benz automobile was offered in both saloon and estate versions (sedan and wagon for us Americans) and owners enjoy the vehicle’s smooth power, comfortable ride and quiet, neatly appointed cabin.  While the new aero styling and retro quad round headlight design of the w210 E-class have aged very well, there are several mechanical issues to be aware of when owning or shopping for one of these impressive vehicles. Here is a list of common Mercedes parts problems in the W210 E-Class.


• Rust tends to creep up all over the W210 Chassis body. The specific Mercedes body parts to look first are front fenders at the bumper line, trunk lids, side sills, and jack points. These poorly aging Mercedes body parts are often attributed to the implementation of water based paints during the model’s construction.

poor aging Mercedes spring parts

A few passes with an angle grinder and 20min with a MIG welder can save a car that’s destined for the crusher

Suspension Parts

Spring Perch – Another rust issue, that is simultaneously a suspension and safety concern, is the potential for Spring Perch failure. Top perches are known to rip away from the vehicle unibody. Although these spot welded perches are weather sealed from the factory, water can still enter the seams and result in collapse of all the parts in the suspension system. To visually inspect the perch for signs of pending failure, the weather coating must first be removed. If there are signs of rust, the perch’s spot welds should be drilled out and a new Genuine Mercedes perch can be installed.

Sway Bar Links – A very common issue with Mercedes suspension parts is sway bar end link failure. This problem is telegraphed by low speed clucking or rattles. The good news is that this is a minor safety concern that can be fixed quickly and inexpensively.

Mercedes-Benz Sway Bar End Link part

Engine Parts

The W210 came to the US with several different motor flavors and displacements. The E320 arrived with both the I6 M104, and the v6 M112. The E400 and E420 received the v8 M119 while the E430 was updated to the v8 M113 motor that also found its way into the E55 AMG. Each of these engines are known to have their own character, strengths, and weaknesses.

Valve Cover Gasket – The Valve Cover Gasket of the M104 is known to leak at rear of cylinder head. Replacing this gasket part is a great DIY job as it is located at the top of the engine with clear access and requires very little in the way of time or tools.

Oiler Tubes – The M119 motors recognized to be quite robust. They are known to have issues with plastic oiler tubes in early models.

Mercedes-Benz Engine Camshaft Oiler part

Harmonic Balancer Pulley – The M112 and M113 engine parts used in later models are known to suffer Harmonic Balancer Pulley failures which, in turn, cause engine damage. A major recall campaign executed by Mercedes means that your E-class may already have the corrected and updated genuine Mercedes engine parts.

Mercedes-Benz engine parts: crankshaft pulley

Transmission Parts

The 5G-Tronic (722.6xx) electronically controlled transmission by Mercedes Benz was a new technology when it was first offered in the w210. Time has proven it to be a very strong and reliable piece of German engineering. Like most things, it is not without its own weaknesses. As they age, these transmission parts have been known to develop shifting problems. The root cause tends not to be a mechanical problem, but rather a part of the electrical control system.

Conductor Plate – The Conductor Plate which controls the transmission solenoids and transmits speed and fluid level signals to the transmission control unit is a known cause of failure. It can be accessed and replaced without major cost without removing the transmission for a more invasive service.

TCM Connector – The o-rings on the TCM Plug housing that connects the wiring harness to the transmission control unit are also known to fail. This failure allows transmission fluid to past through the connector part, interrupting contact points and in extreme cases, damaging the transmission control unit itself.

Climate Control

A working Climate control system is one of life’s little luxuries. The automatic climate system in the E-class does an excellent job of temperature regulation when it functions properly. Here are two of most common Mercedes HVAC parts issues that can keep you from enjoying a comfortable cabin experience.

Blower Motor Regulator – If your climate control fan does not seem to be blowing as hard as it used to, it’s likely not a figment of your imagination. The Blower Motor Regulator part is a common failure point and will cause the fan to operate at no more than 50% speed. Mercedes used several different regulators over the years and not all are interchangeable. In some cases, Mercedes requires updating the blower motor itself to be compatible with newer versions of the regulator parts. Our Customer Service team at eEuroparts.com would be happy to help you find the correct regulator to fit your car’s HVAC system.

Mercedes Benz HVAC blower motor regulator

Heater Bypass Valve – The heater bypass valve, control valve, or duo valve, meters the flow of hot engine coolant to different zones in the cabin’s HVAC system. When one or both of the solenoid valves stick or fail, the HVAC parts will not be able to regulate temperatures correctly. You may find that the side vents blow cold while the center vent blows hot for example. This issue can sometimes be solved temporarily by tapping on the valves or by removing and cleaning the solenoids. It is also a fairly simple and accessible part to remove and replace with basic tools.

Mercedes Benz HVAC parts: heater bypass valve

Thanks for taking time to read our list of common problems and solutions with Mercedes Benz E-Class parts for w210. We at eEuroparts.com hope you enjoy many happy miles in your MB. Please do not hesitate to contact us at customerservice@eeuroparts.com should you have any questions about the mercedes parts we have available for this vehicle. See you down the road.

20 thoughts on “10 Common W210 E-Class Mercedes Parts Problems
  1. Faizatul

    Hello, my W210 E200 (2000) aircond blower suddenly shut off when I used no 5 fan speed and never function back. Is it only the fuse burned or the blower is broken? Thank you.

    • Adam Goral

      Only in a few rare cases where the first model (1996) was built in 1995, the last year Mercedes was installing these harnesses. So generally, no, although some very very early models with the M104 engine could be effected.

  2. Knut-Erik

    on my Mercedes w210 e230 1996 sedan the lower right control arm cracked and when i whas driving it whas pulling to the left, i thought it whas just a alignment issue so i just continued driving like usual and sometimes at highway speeds, and i didn’t notice the crack until it whas cracked half way through the control arm.

    i dont know if this is a common problem or not but if you’re having alignment issues take the time to CHECK THE CONTROL ARM’S!

  3. Jim

    I have a 1999 320e and the radio reception is terrible and I can’t figure out where the antenna is? I’ve looked under the “C” pillars around the back window with no luck. Do you know what might be causing the bad reception and how to fix it?

  4. Mike

    I have 97 E320 crank no start no spafk no fuel but fuel pumps out but the spark issue. I have flipout key the batteries are I’m good in the key I can make it up on the mirror blink Green from red to Green so I know I’m sure that’s okay you mean but what do you recommend for the spark

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