Elringklinger Gaskets – The Ultimate in Sealing Technology

If there is one universal truth in mechanical engineering, it’s that two metal components rarely form an airtight seal. This is even more relevant to metal components that are under constant pressure. As a result, the engineers have developed various sealants and gaskets to provide that necessary seal. Elring, an ElringKlinger company, has extensive knowledge regarding the manufacturing of quality seals and gaskets. The company has been around since the late 19th century and is currently one of the leading brands in its niche.

Why Elring?

Gaskets and seals represent a small percentage of all components in a modern car. Yet, they are by far some of the most crucial parts of any vehicle. Whenever a seal or a gasket fails, the resulting leak of liquids or gases tends to cause all kinds of problems.

Elring has recognized the importance of gaskets and sealing solutions all the way back in the late 19th century. Much like many other automotive companies in Germany, ElringKlinger has a long history of excellence and an excellent track record to prove it. The company has come a long way from the 1890s to 2020, but it has retained that same drive for innovation that has sparked its foundation.

The thing that sets Elring apart from other manufacturers is the dedication to their craft. This company is continuously improving all aspects of sealant technologies, including managing materials, innovative sealing solutions, and much more.

Many think that the automotive industry has pretty much solved everything there is to solve sealant wise in 2020. However, this is a part of the automotive engineering process that will continue to evolve as long as new internal combustion engines are still being produced. Data gathered right now shows plenty of room for improvement with current technologies.

Elringklinger Gaskets - The Ultimate in Sealing Technology

ElringKlinger Gasket Technology

Designing and producing a quality gasket requires advanced mastery of material sciences, thermodynamics, and various other sciences. Engineers over at Elring understand that their products are literally holding engines together, allowing the flow of goods and people worldwide.

This constant effort to bring new products to the market has resulted in several advanced gasket technologies. Namely, ElringKlinger has developed a line of Metaloflex cylinder-head gaskets, Metaloseal gaskets, and Elrotherm heat shields, all of which are designed to give modern engines an edge in terms of performance and longevity. The data shows tangible improvements over standard gasket materials and designs.

By pushing for advances in gasket technology, engine manufacturers can design engines that run under much higher loads. The pressures and forces that occur inside the engine require quality sealants to keep everything contained.

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Advanced Seals for BMW, Audi, and Other European Car Brands

Over the years, ElringKlinger has become a household name in the realm of European carmakers. Being one of the most advanced manufacturers in the market has helped Elring build a strong reputation for innovation and reliability.

Today, in 2020, Elring offers a complete range of gaskets and specialty gaskets for several European car brands.

Types of Elring Products

Staying on top of industry demands has allowed Elring to cover a broad spectrum of gasket components for many car brands. Their product planning and management have proven to be top-notch over the years. Although they are best known for their high-quality head gaskets, Elring’s catalog of product spans includes the following.

Head Gaskets

Head gaskets are by far some of the most important sealing components on any vehicle. A head gasket keeps the coolant ducts and oil passageways separated from one another, all while allowing the engine to create the necessary compression within each of its cylinders.

By introducing various innovations in advanced materials, Elring’s gaskets are offering improved performance in both the commercial and passenger vehicle segment of the market.

Cylinder Head Gasket - Driver Side
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Exhaust System and Auxiliary Gaskets

Exhaust systems depend on gaskets. The same goes for intake systems. Everywhere a manifold connects to the engine block, you need to have a sealing component. ElringKlinger’s exhaust and auxiliary gaskets utilize advanced thermal management technologies, which allow these components to maintain a high level of performance for long periods of use.

Aside from gaskets themselves, ElringKlinger also offers an assortment of sealing compounds used in applications where standard gaskets are not suitable. Elring’s current catalog includes a range of permanently elastic, temperature resistance compounds made to withstand high pressures and constant temperature cycles.

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Gearbox, Turbo, Compressor, and Axle Gaskets

High temperature and high pressures aren’t the only enemies of modern gaskets. Various chemicals, such as transmission oil, axle oil, and similar, are known to eat away at various gasket components on a car.

By using the advanced Metaloseal elastomer material, ElringKlinger has managed to reduce the adverse effects of modern synthetic lubricants to a minimum. Gaskets and seals such as the gearbox and oil filter housing gaskets made by Elring can withstand exposure to lubricants for far longer before any damage starts setting in.

With a set of Elring gaskets, you can rest assured that your car’s lubrication management systems will remain within spec for a long time.

Cylinder Head Gasket
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Cylinder Head Bolts

Although it’s common knowledge that head gaskets are an essential part of modern engines, cylinder head bolts are every bit as necessary as well. ElringKlinger has gathered invaluable information and data regarding cylinder head bolts, which has allowed them to become one of the top producers of this product on the market.

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ElringKlinger at eEuroparts.com

For years, we’ve worked with ElringKlinger, offering their high-quality gaskets, seals, and sealing compounds to our customers. Here at eEuroparts.com, we strive to offer products from companies that we believe in. Needless to say, Elring is one such company.

You can find their products in our catalog by searching for this brand over at our online store. Another way to find Elring products that match your car is to select your vehicle from the drop-down menu and look for the type of gasket you need.

ElringKlinger makes sealing components for a wide range of cars, including most European brands. Although our current catalog includes a decent number of Elring’s products, we continually expand our offer even further.

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