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There are several reasons why people resort to DIY car maintenance. For most, it’s a way to unwind, relax, and enjoy a hobby. For others, it’s a necessity. Here at best online auto parts store, we support all DIY enthusiasts and owners of European cars.

Over the years, we’ve overcome many hurdles on this path – hurdles that have made us stronger and allowed us to offer an even better catalog of products, most of which come at competitive prices.

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A Reliable Source of Quality Parts

Owning and maintaining European cars in the United States used to be difficult as recently as two decades ago. Sure, there were dealerships everywhere with their in-house shops, but you were left with very few options if you were a DIY enthusiast.

When we first founded, we had recognized the need for a quality auto parts store that would deliver to your doorstep no matter where you live in the US. Back in those days, around 2000, we were mostly focused on SAAB vehicles. We’ve managed to find sources of quality Genuine SAAB parts and quickly grew our catalog to include quality OEM as well as aftermarket parts for these cars.

As we grew, so did our customer base. They’ve recognized as a reliable source of quality auto parts. Our online shop was overflowing with orders not because we were the only place to find parts, but because we are the best at what we do.

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Focusing on the DIY User

Our philosophy hasn’t changed since the first moment we’ve opened our doors. The idea that has driven to become one of the largest online auto parts stores for European vehicles has remained the same from the start. We wanted to give do-it-yourself enthusiasts a chance to fix their own cars without breaking the bank.

Staying true to this idea wasn’t always easy. We carefully chose our suppliers and make deals that allow us to offer the most competitive prices on the market. Although that doesn’t happen 100% of the time, our track record speaks for itself.

We knew back then, just like we know now, that merging competitive prices with OEM and Genuine parts was the only way to properly support the DIY community as well as any car enthusiast who wasn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty.

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Fast Delivery is Everything

Whether vintage or new, cars are primarily something we use to get around, go to work, get groceries. A broken-down vehicle is an issue. For some, that downtime spent without a working car can cost money and create all kinds of problems. When you’re relying on someone else to fix your vehicles, your car’s downtime becomes their problem.

However, when you’re the one doing the maintenance on your car, that downtime is on you. Or rather, it’s on how fast you can get the auto parts necessary to fix your vehicle and get it back on the road.

When we first started, we offered 5-7 day shipping times on most products you could buy in our shop. Although decent back then, we’ve quickly recognized that those shipping times had to be reduced. Today, anything you buy in our online shop will get shipped and be at your doorstep anywhere from 2-9 days, depending on the part, the carrier, and your location.

We’re constantly working on reducing the shipping times even further. So much so that we fully expect to offer even faster shipping sometime in the near future.

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Expanding the Business

SAAB was our bread and butter for a long time. We’ve had plenty of experience with this brand, allowing us to become the leading importer of SAAB car parts. Our relationship with SAAB and the SAAB community has created quite a bit of interest from other European cars brands owners. Soon enough, it became clear that we had to branch out, cover more brands, and expand to other European car manufacturers.

First came Volvo. It was a logical choice since Volvo is a Swedish company, just like SAAB. It was easy to expand the wings a little more and include this brand into our supported manufacturers’ list.

Soon after, we’ve added BMW to our list, which was the trigger we needed to grow our company. Mind you, BMW was just the beginning. We ran with these three brands until 2012. By then, just about every European car enthusiast community knew who we were and what we offered. The demand to add more brands was growing, and the pressure was on.

Once we’ve decided that our infrastructure was solid and that we could facilitate other car manufacturers, we started adding more brands to the catalog. Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz were the first names to join the now extended family. Soon we’ve also included Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, and FIAT.

Despite growing our catalog 10-fold in such a short time, we took special care to maintain quality control and carefully source the parts that would become available in our stores.

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Streamlining the Store

The increase in traffic and interest in our business had revealed several problems in our online store. It became apparent that our online presence had to be revamped to support the growing demand.

Our idea was to build a navigation system that would allow anyone to find what they’re looking for quickly. One of the byproducts of a growing catalog was a more complex product structure that often included numerous products from the same manufacturers. Manually navigating such a massive structure was way too tricky.

The solution came in the form of an advanced navigation tool that would narrow down the search using your car’s year, make and model information. Once you’ve selected those three criteria, you’d be presented with a list of engines. Choose the one that’s sitting in your engine bay, and you’d get a complete list of spare parts that matched your vehicle.

Finding anything, from cabin air filters to more specific engine components, was as easy as clicking a few links with your mouse.

Going Above and Beyond Parts

As our business grew, so did our need to give back to the community. By this time, we’ve already grown a loyal following of car enthusiasts who have entrusted us to supply them with quality parts. We wanted to give something back to those customers and show them some much-deserved appreciation.

We’ve decided to do this in two ways. First, we’ve cut down the shipping costs to a bare minimum, running free shipping on orders above $99. Then, we decided to create a warranty program that would meet or exceed our suppliers’ warranty. With free shipping and great warranties, our customers could rest assured that investing in a quality OEM or Genuine part was a sound decision.

The other way of us giving back to our community came in the form of the Loyalty Program. By becoming a part of our Loyalty Program means that for every $100 spent in our store, you get $5 of in-store credit that you can later use to purchase products from our catalog. In addition to our in-store credit, we’ve also added a feature where you could unlock Loyalty+ pricing.

All you had to do is pass a specific threshold of purchases within a year, and you’d unlock discounted pricing for the rest of that year. Once you unlock the Loyalty+ pricing once, you need to make four purchases within a year to keep it unlocked.

Another area of focus that we’ve invested in was our customer support service network. We understand that things sometimes don’t go according to plan. We do our best to iron out all the kinks in our supply chain, but accidents happen.

When they do, it’s essential to have a number you can call or an email address you can send a message to that will provide you with the answers you need. We’re a company made by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. Our customer support service reflects that to the fullest extent. We’ve made sure that the person who answers your call is a car enthusiast just like yourself.

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The Future of

Our journey so far has been full of excitement. We’ve met so many great people along the way – people like you who have entrusted us with supplying quality spare parts for their car. We are currently working on a few things that should solidify our position as the best online auto parts shop for European vehicles.

Our offer is continuously going through refinement cycles. These include adding new products, finding replacements for parts that are no longer in production, and creating alternatives of our own. The future is looking bright from where we stand.

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Thank You

Last but not least, we’d like to thank you for being with us for more than 20 years. We value our customers and are tirelessly looking for ways to make your experience with a positive one. Thank you for choosing us to keep your prized possession on the road and happily purring.

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